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  • Hi People,
    I have just had my first theme accepted to the WordPress free themes.

    Starting with themes for my own blog a year ago using Artisteer, I now have a theme at WordPress.
    It started life as twenty ten, has a theme options page, and supports many of the latest WordPress functions.

    The new theme Atmosphere 2010 is now available to the public, and any feedback welcomed!

    I am already working on the next offering Rottweiler which will offer lots more control.



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  • esmi


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    I have just had my first theme accepted to the WordPress free themes.

    Congrats! 🙂

    I am already working on the next offering

    Addictive, isn’t it? 😉

    Thanks esmi,
    Submitting a theme is a great learning curve for any theme developer, my theme started at 1.1 and finished 1.5, I even caught a couple of issues with twenty ten and the theme check plugin!

    I am trying to use the most common issues I find here in the forums, building them into the themes options page, like having flags to turn off features like titles, adding editable social icons, and footer credits etc:

    The new one I am adding more options, like the title and description, the featured image width and height, extra sidebars and template pages etc:




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    The theme checker plugin is a huge help. Having developed a few themes before it was available, I can honestly say that it really helps to produce quality code – even if you don’t intend to submit the final theme to the Directory.

    With the theme options, are you making use of register_setting? I missed this initially and ended up doing far more coding than was necessary. More recently I’ve gone back and re-written the theme options code using register_setting and it’s made things a lot easier and far more extendable. Now all we need is a theme deactivation hook so we can unregister settings when themes are deleted.

    Hi esmi,
    I have been using update_option() and get_option() with a function for $_REQUEST[ $value['id'] and isset()

    header("Location: themes.php?page=admin-options.php&saved=true");

    This creates an option in the options table for each value, I will have a look at register settings.

    It says about plugin settings, is there a working example for a themes options page, the codex help has no real examples?




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    I have been using update_option() and get_option()

    That’s what I was doing previously. Means you have to do a fair bit of work validating all of the inputs and then saving them.

    I think I used Otto’s Setting’s API Tutorial. There’s another tutorial here and another on SitePoint.

    If you want, drop me a line and I’ll send you over a couple of the ones I’ve reworked too.


    i like this theme and i want to use it.

    however there is an empty picture frame in the far right column that remains visible as one scrolls down.

    is this okay? is there something that i should add to be displayed there?

    please advise.

    Hi oznola,
    The picture frame is a vertical social media icon, I am working on an update as on some servers the icons are not displaying, on my localhost and ISP accounts they work ok (Windows Servers).

    I think it could be that the icon folder is down two levels and some servers cannot read the files, or a folder permissions issue, I am moving the folder up a level to see if it is corrected.

    There are a couple of other minor “un-documented features” (bugs), these will also be corrected and the theme updated in a couple of days time.

    The theme has an options page which you can find:
    Admin > Appearance > Theme Options

    There is a tickbox to hide the vertical icons.

    Who is your hosting company as I would like to test a modified theme?




    ty for the work around.
    i am using for hosting.

    i am looking forward to the update.

    alonzo 🙂


    the latest update fixed the issue that i reported before thank you! 🙂

    may i suggest that the Site Title and Tagline be moved above the header image as they are with the 2010 theme?

    at present they do not read well displayed over the Atmosphere header image and because the image can be changed there is no guarantee that this will not be the case with other user selected images.

    thank you for work. your doing a great job! 🙂


    Hi oznola,
    The theme was based on an old theme and I wanted to keep it close to the original author’s work.

    If we move the title above the image we would have to reduce the image height, it already has more than a fair proportion of the real estate.

    I have had a suggestion/request for a wider theme and sidebar, and yours for the titles and tagline, I will see what else comes between now and the winter break and combine them in a child theme, with Atmosphere 2010 as the parent.

    Thanks for the feedback.




    Thanks for those tutorial links. I’m making a theme also and was wondering how to incorporate these. As the end result is generally fora user with no coding exp.

    The settings API tutorials like most stop at a point that leaves you wondering, as they lack good working examples.

    So the way around this is to download a theme or two and have a look!

    I implemented this method in my ‘Atmosphere 2010’ theme, as I am a big fan of modular re-usable code that would be a good place to start.

    The options page is theme-options.php
    The stylesheet is theme-options.css
    The page is loaded in functions.php
    The settings are called in sidebar.php, header.php, social-horizontal.php and vertical.php
    The global $themeOptions is loaded in functions.php and used in the other files

    Adding theme-functions to your own theme, change the settings array to suit your theme, change all instances of atmosphere to your own namespace, call the settings page and set the global, and add the calls in your files.



    Thanks David for that explanation. And I have downloaded and installed your theme (very clean btw). And your support website is amazing. Very inspiring.

    I’ll have a look into your code and once again appreciate your help.


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