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    I am sure this is a simple fix but I am not that well versed in WP and CSS yet to know where to look or how to affect it!

    1. I am looking to eliminate all of the dashed lines in the Atahualpa theme that delineate the header image, title area, three columns, search box, etc.

    2. Where would I go if I wanted to change the background to a darker color and the posts and fonts in a white color.

    Here is the WP site and here is the same site I started on blogger

    I am trying to get a darker look like the blogger blog.



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  • dashed lines
    try looking for the value “dashed” in both the php files and style.css, it should all be in the style.css but upon looking at it appears there are things in the php files themselves so check both. if you want to get rid of the borders change “dashed” to “none” if you want solid borders change it to “solid”

    General theme tweaking
    Download firefox and install it, then download firebug for firefox and when you’re at your site click the bug icon in the lower right of the browser, this will bring up firebug, click “inspect” and click on the part of the page you want to change, it will show the css that is styling that element and what file contains the css, open that file up and make any changes you need.

    Thank you BLACKMESA.. Perfect Answers.

    One more if you don;t mind… On the byline, I have the following (it was an example):
    %author-linked% posted this in %categories-linked(‘, ‘)% on %date(‘F jS, Y’)%

    It appears fine but when you click on the author name, takes you to a NOT FOUND page. The Categories work fine. Is there another setting someplace that I am missing?

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