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    (This is driving round the bend!)
    In the atahualpa template, on the page that displays a post on its own, before the post container, at the very top of the centre colum Atahualpa includes a line across the top about 4 px wide.
    I want to edit this line, delete or change its colour to make it disapear in the background.
    But I cannot fin where it is!

    Similar ones apearing on multiple post pages dissapeared whe I got rid of the content above and below the loop. But I can’t find that one.

    It is not the line at the beguining of the post container.

    I leave a link to a page with the line right at the top, white over the dark background.

    Thanks a lot

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  • Err.. Someone just told me!
    It was at the “next/previous” pagination settings
    Thanks nevertheless.

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