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  • Hello.
    In the sport I manage, I have some events for the regular stage and some other for the final stage.
    I want a player list where only the goals for the regular stage are counted.
    I now that is possible to filter that condition using a combination of parent or child leagues
    But I think I have tested all the combinations, so I haven´t achieved to filter only the goal results, at a player list, for the events on the regular stage.
    Could you guide me on how to do that?

    Please take a look in my environment test.

    As you will see, I defined two sub leagues (regular and final stage) under a main league.
    And only one Event has the final stage league, but at the player list (despite it has set to the regular stage league) shows a sum of total goals.
    What should be the correct assignment for the leagues?
    You should also check the Event (, since is defined under the parameters (League Dummy, –LD Final Stage). So I would expect, that results in that event were not considered in the player list

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  • Plugin Contributor Savvas


    Hi @byzdata ,

    Please remove any credentials from your post. It is against the rules of WP forums!

    Please share instead some screenshots so as to be able to understand your configuration better 🙂


    Hello @savvasha
    Noted. But.. How can edit or delete my post, in order to rewrite it according to the Forum’s rules?

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    Usually, you can do this right after you post. At a later stage, only forum moderators can change your posts.

    Jan has already removed your credentials 🙂


    Hello @savvasha
    Here I go, again.

    In the sport I manage, I have some events for the regular stage and some other for the final stage.
    So, I have defined a parent league as “Dummy League” and two children leagues “–LD Regular Stage” and “–LD Final Stage”

    I have defined 3 events for the Regular Stage, and 1 event for the Final Stage.
    As you can see here

    Based on the events for the Regular Stage, the TeamA scored 8 goals, TeamB scored 9 goals, and Team C scored 5 goals.
    As you can see here:, the League Table is filtered by the child League “–LD Regular Stage”

    But, for a Player List, filtered the same way, only with the the child League “–LD Regular Stage”; the sum of goals shows the total goals for each player, including those goals scored during the Final Stage.
    As you can see here:

    The question are:
    – Is there a combination of parent/child leagues where I can filter only the regular stage at a player list?
    – Should there be a configuration, within the Players Setting to restrict/filter events based on leagues and/or season? (as it appears at the Events Setting within the Team)

    Thanks in advanced


    Plugin Contributor Savvas


    Hi @byzdata ,

    As I can see from you last screenshot, you added both DummyLeague and Regular Stage to filter out your players. Did you try with just Regular Stage?


    Hello @savvasha.
    I did what you mentioned.
    But, it didn’t work.
    Given that the Players have the parameter “DummyLeague”, if I only set “–DL regular stage” at the Events, the player lists does not appear for the teams involved.
    I think this could be an error in the way the players are filtered based on leagues/seasons. (In the case of Teams the filter works well)

    Plugin Contributor Savvas


    For the filters to work as they should, you need to have the same league and season at events, players, teams, tables and lists.


    Hey @savvasha.
    Of course, you are right. But, what is the idea to have children leagues?
    For example, If I set all the parent/child league at the Player level in order to be properly filtered in Events and List, from the Player front-end poit of view, it will look ugly, showing all the set leagues. The idea is to have a clean and elegant page showing the main leagua in the player level.

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