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  • Hello,

    My website is Running WP 3.1.2 with the Studiopress Church Theme.

    First of all, I love this plugin, it has solved several problems I was having regarding how I wanted things to show up on my blog and in my content archives. I have used aStickyPostOrderER since March, 2011 and have truly appreciated what it has allowed me to to.

    However, I’ve been having issues with my feed for several months, and after working for two solid weeks with Nick Croft on the Studiopress forum, have found that aStickyPostOrderER was causing my feed to load in reverse order. So only the oldest posts showed in my feed, and none of my subscribers got any notification when I posted new content.

    I finally had to deactivate aStickyPostOrderER in order to get my feed working properly again. So disappointed – I’d really like to continue using this plugin, it did things exactly the way I wanted it to, and I do not have the tech chops to implement these changes myself. Please tell me there’s a way to use this plugin while making sure it doesn’t change the feed order.

    Thanks so much,


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  • I know we’re not supposed to bump, but I’ve been waiting patiently for some help with this issue and none has been forthcoming.




    Diana, now I have a good news for you!
    New version of AStickyPostOrderER, I hope, will be available soon (two weeks max). There will be option to enable/disable sorting for feeds.

    Hey Max (or anyone),

    I’ve gotten no notices of any update to AStickyPostOrderER. Are you referring to a totally new version that I’ll need to install, or an update?

    Would love to use this plugin if the feed issue is fixed.

    Thanks much,



    Try Q2W3 Post Order plugin. This is an upgraded version of AStickyPostOrderER.

    Thanks Max!

    Just installed QsW3 as I’m getting back to my blog after months of carpal tunnel issues and finally successful surgery. Have been thinking about reorganization and cleanup of some of the categories, and when this is done, will begin to use this plugin so that my content archives appear in the order I want them to.

    I anticipate that I’ll have plenty of questions when I get to that point, so I appreciate your quick response – very reassuring to a relative newb.

    All the best,


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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