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    I’m trying to a build a system for a client that involves two posts types: “Clients” and “Media Placements.” I need a way to associate Media Placements with a particular Client (essentially treating Clients like a category while retaining full post functionality).

    Does anyone have any idea what the best way to go about this would be? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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  • You could use tags. IDK exactly what you mean by “associate”. In what way?

    Thanks for the response! Here’s the page in question:

    Under the “Recently Featured On” header, I need a query that will list television spots associated with this client. The problem is that both clients and television spots need to be fully editable as posts. So I can’t just make each client a category, and associate tv spots with them that way.

    Does that clarify the question enough?

    Anyone else?

    Custom Post Types will cause those posts not to show up in the regular posts’ loop. I would suggest using tags instead.

    sounds like maybe you need to create a post template and add a loop in that template. Need more details. What is the relationship between client and media placement? Each client has multiple media placements?
    How do you want this displayed/searched?
    I’m thinking you might want to use a page instead of a post for these and let the “media placements” be a child page of the client pages.
    the loop in your page template could show the associated child pages (media placements).

    Thanks for the responses!

    Each client needs to have many media placements associated with them, and they need to be easily updated. Also, both clients and media placements need full “Post” capability. Meaning editable with TinyMCE, Queryable, etc.

    Bheadrick, originally I had solved the issue by doing exactly what you suggested. Clients and Media Placements were both part of the same custom post type, “Clients & Placements”, and I would associate Media Placements with a Client by making them a child of that Client.

    The problem with this setup is that administrating the system becomes extremely unfriendly, since the large number of placements makes the interface for picking a parent post (the “Parent” drop down in the “Attributes” box) extremely unwieldy. The client was not happy with it.

    There’s a category page plugin that let’s you associate a post category with a page. so your archive would have the page text followed by the posts in that category

    For anyone interested. I’ve resolved my problem by using an amazing plugin:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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