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    Thank you again for this plugin!

    If you view the Assistant directly with it pre-filtered on an Att. Category, the admin H1 page title will display with seemingly double-encoded HTML Entities.

    For example, if the Att. Category is “Sample – Category”, the H1 will read:

    “Media Library Assistant – Att.%252BCategories%25253ASample%252B-%252BCategory”

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    You can see an example of this by viewing the Att. Categories and then clicking on the image count to go to the Assistant.

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for your report and the additional details; very helpful.

    I am not able to reproduce this problem on my own system. The code that creates the hyperlinks in the Attachments column uses a mix of PHP and WordPress functions:

    return sprintf( '<a href="%1$s">%2$s</a>', esc_url( add_query_arg(
    array( 'page' => MLACore::ADMIN_PAGE_SLUG, 'mla-tax' => $taxonomy, 'mla-term' => $term->slug, 'heading_suffix' => urlencode( $tax_object->label . ':' . $term->name ) ), 'upload.php' ) ), $column_text );

    The code that composes the H1 tag also uses a WordPress function:

    if ( !empty( $_REQUEST['heading_suffix'] ) ) {
    	echo ' - ' . esc_html( $_REQUEST['heading_suffix'] ) . $heading_tail;

    I’d like to know what version of PHP, WordPress and MLA you are using so I can try again to reproduce the problem. Thanks for any additional information you can provide.

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    This appears to have been a temporary glitch in the matrix. It was definitely happening yesterday…but I just checked again and it seems to have “fixed itself”.

    This was using firefox on a windows system, latest released versions of MLA and WP, PHP 7.01 here and I believe the remote host is a higher version of 7.x.

    In any case, sorry for the noise, please feel free to mark solved!

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for the good news!

    I am marking this topic resolved, but please update it if the problem returns in a reproducible way.

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