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  • I’ve inherited a WP site that I’m going to need to figure out.

    The person who had the site before me seems to have been pretty good (advanced) with WP, but their level of service sucked so I was asked to take over. Not sure if that makes me lucky or not! 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve got the database onto my local machine, FTP’d the content over and have things ‘kind of’ running.

    The first problem that I’m encountering is that I cannot get the theme to work correctly. It’s a “Theme Blvd” them entitled “Flipblog”. When I activate it and try to access the site locally (using a hosts file entry to make my access point mydomain.local) I only get this:

    '; //Display widget area if ( is_sidebar_active('homepage1') ) { dynamic_sidebar('homepage1'); } echo '
    '; echo ''; /* NEWS TICKER */ if($flipblog_homepage1_ticker == 'true') { //Collect news ticker options $feed_num = $flipblog_homepage1_ticker_number; $button_link = $flipblog_homepage1_ticker_link; $button_text = $flipblog_homepage1_ticker_text; if($flipblog_homepage1_ticker_category != 'all'){ $category = '&cat='.$flipblog_homepage1_ticker_category; } else { $category = ''; } flipblog_ticker($feed_num, $category, $button_link, $button_text); } /* FOOTER */ get_footer(); ?>

    Anyone got any ideas for me on where to start?

    I’ve got debug enabled in the wp-config file and have ‘googled’ myself silly…..anyone?

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