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    In the NYC Boroughs / Neighborhoods drop down I noticed that terms on a higher level don’t reflect the number of pages indexed to the lower level terms for a particular term. You’ll notice that Brooklyn has 4 items but that doesn’t account for all the other terms under Brooklyn that have indexed pages (other Brooklyn neighborhoods). When you assign terms to a page from your custom taxonomies, do you have to check both the exact term and the higher level term to get the correct count? I understand that the count is within the BTF filter, but it’s pulling it from the Pods content. Thanks in advance for your help. Deb Sher

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Jim True


    This has less to do with Pods and more to do with how Taxonomies and hierarchy in Taxonomies operates in WordPress. What you’re talking about is “walking” the hierarchy which is a WP function.

    Typically, if I’ve needed that kind of separate taxonomy filtering based on the choices in another taxonomy (ie chained selects) which are not supported natively by WordPress (and thus also not supported by Pods without custom code), I’ve either designed my parent child taxonomy so that the taxonomy is hierarchical (like Categories) and do States at top level, Cities underneath their states and neighborhoods underneath that, then they will filter appropriately because they are based on children under parents.

    Otherwise, you have to split them out and make them required choices, but filtered displays will still require entries that have all levels selected, ie your neighborhoods under Brooklyn would have to have Brooklyn selected, etc.

    The only way to get accurate counts is to require parent and child to be selected on all entries organized by that Taxonomy. And enforcing that on input is very “taxing” if you use separate Taxonomies and would require some kind of post_save code to force that logic.

    Does that make sense? If it doesn’t, please feel free to join our Slack Chat in the #support channel and I can try to make it clearer.

    Thanks for your fast and thorough response! It does make sense. This taxonomy was set up as hierarchical in WP. Brooklyn is on top and the neighborhoods are subcategories. The BTF filter is not displaying it correctly, but that’s a separate issue I have to pursue.

    I’ll instruct the owners of the site to always choose the the top level as well as the specific neighborhood subcategory.


    Plugin Author Jim True


    There is a way to enforce the parent selection hierarchically, as referenced in this forum post. It was actually already indexed by Google (surprise!) and includes a link to a stackexchange article and a gist for jQuery:

    That’s very helpful. Thanks!

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