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    I’ve poked around quite a bit and haven’t seen this problem addressed…

    I am creating a blog system for an organization with several groups. Each group will post blog entries in one of two categories, ‘Event’ & ‘Journal’.

    Each group gets a Page in the system and that page will display the ‘Event’ & ‘Journal’ categories for that group separately…

    I think the multi-loop is dealt with fairly easily… but how do I assign the posts to the appropriate groups/pages in a way that is easy for the user/author?

    I thought perhaps the custom-field function could be massaged to serve this purpose… The requirements there would be: a)the user picks 1 from an admin-determined list of groups to post to b) the group page only displays posts that are assigned to it

    I’m not afraid of writing custom code, but I need a shove in the right direction…

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  • After thinking things through a bit more, what I think I need to do is attach a page_id to each post and then modify the Page generation to include posts that match the page_id…
    1) add a column ‘page_id’ to the posts table
    2) add the necessary form elements and database queriesto post.php
    3) alter functions.php around line 520 to check posts for page_id…

    Am I making sense?

    I also don’t know much. But I think one possible way would be to create custom page templates for each seperate group. Then when creating the pages, select the appropriate page template.

    And in each individual page, use the loops to retrieve entries from the 2 specific categories (u’ll need to know the category id)

    See this thread (at the end).
    It may help you.

    Category for Page

    Unfortunately, using categories to filter for each group won’t work… I’ll have up to 20 groups all using the same set of categories… I need a way to group the posts at a level above categories — I think I’m on the right track with the code mods I mentioned above…

    Well, I will be interested in the result.

    k, so I’ve managed to hack the back-end so that the author can assign a post to a Page… the page_id appears in the db as expected when a post is created and/or edited. Cool.

    I’m having trouble convincing a Page to display more than one post…

    I’ve got it now… I had to make a custom query_posts() parameter to filter by page_id. Everythings good now!

    I suppose I should figure out how to make this a plugin…

    Go ahead, then 🙂
    I am in the same boat, so I am really curious about your solution.

    I am interested in this one too, I was just about to post this as a question, when I saw your thread!

    Can we get in touch somehow, ’cause I will be needing this little hack asap?

    I’m in the process now of converting my ‘hack’ into a proper plug-in… how soon is ASAP?

    Day or two?

    Anyhow, I will await for your plug-in, it will be really useful one!

    I’m on board for the plugin as well, it is exactly what I have been trying to do. Great work Cailean!

    Very cool. I’ve been trying to reinvent your wheel, Cailean. Looking forward to the plug-in.

    Any news?

    Sorry, folks, holiday weekend here in Canada means lots of family and little coding…

    The plug-in is coming and I do have some questions for you all… I will be diving back into the plug-in tonight.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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