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  • I’m working on rewriting a cookie site ( In their order now tab, if you select a quantity for the box of cookies, it opens up a window with the ability to enter custom quantities for different types of cookies, to add up to a given total. Then when completing the checkout, adds it to the cart, listing all the cookies and quantities selected.

    I want to copy this functionality in woocommerce, but I’m completely stuck on where to start. I can’t seem to find a plugin that offers this functionality or the built in variations options, to allow it. Could someone point me in the right direction? Either by providing a plugin or offering some words of wisdom?


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  • Hey! I did this on one of my sites. I created an attribute of “Quantity” with the Values of 1 for $1, 6 for $5, and 15 for $10. Then I set a variation/price for each. If you need something more comprehensive, then there is a plugin called Dynamic Pricing.

    My example:

    Woocommerce Plugin

    Thanks for the response, but not quite what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m looking at having multiple fields that the user enters selected quantities for each type of cookie. So that they can add up all the fields to a designated total (for instance a dozen). Just like the example site that I attached. If you select a package of a quantity, step 2 allows you to select the quantity of each cookie type for the total of the package.

    OK. I see what you’re trying to do here. And I’m not aware of any kind of plugin or capability within Woocommerce to do this. But I’ll play around a little bit and see if I can figure something out. The only thing I could think to do would be to load every possible combination as a value within a given attribute. But that would be a royal pain at best. I’ll let you know if I figure something out.

    Im trying to do something similar. How did u manage to do the Multiple Quantities variations to a single product on your website sperkins95?

    I need to do something similar. When a user selects the quantity of teh product to buy, he should also be able to select the size. Multiple combinations for the product is not what I need, I will be happy with just 2 selectable dropdowns. Please Help.



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