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  • Check out this link:

    Go to section: 5.13 and see if that helps you.


    Wow. I don’t know what to do with that information. That’s how beginner I am in WP. Can anyone put this in laymen’s terms for me? Maybe give me a class 101, step by step instruct to do section 5.13?

    I think Renee’s was a good answer but maybe not to what you intended to ask. Please can you give a fuller explanation of the circumstances and of what you want to achieve? The url to the page may be helpful.

    In my blog at I have a page titled, “Utensils for Table Setting.” On this page I want to be able to post links to different sites I’d like to use to direct women to service opportunities. So it would be a type of “Events” page. Then on my home page, I’d like those events to show up on ta side bar.

    Airma LeGere

    Maybe the Links Shortcode plugin can do that.

    If you install the plugin, you should get a new item in the Admin page menu: “Links”, where you can create a list of links. You can assign categories to links if you want to create several lists.

    To use your list in a post or page, include the shortcode:
    [links category_name=”events_links”]
    You can add parameters to the shortcode to control how the list is displayed.

    There are more formatting options in Admin page / Links / Links shortcode, so you can get the list looking how you want it.

    You can use the shortcode, maybe with different parameters, in a text widget in your sidebar, but if so you will need to enable shortcodes in widgets. This can be achieved with the line:

    add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

    in wp-content/themes/clean-retina/functions.php.

    functions.php will be overwritten if you update your theme, so its best to make a child theme and put this extra code in the child theme’s functions.php. A child theme’s functions.php must have: <?php on the first line. You can do this step as a separate task.

    I installed the plug in. Now do I go to the page where I want to add the shortcode? Because when I do that I can see where I can click on a “Short Codes” button, but when I click on that I have no idea how to add the shortcode.

    Or do I go to the Links tab in the admin page to add the [links category_name=”events_links”] short code? Because I could not figure out where to place it there either.

    First go to the links tab to add your links. No shortcode.

    Next, go to the page where you want the links to appear and just type in the shortcode as text.

    When the page displays, WordPress will automatically replace the shortcode with the list of links.

    I have now created the link =
    I did double check to make sure it exists — It does.
    Then I went to the page I want the link to show & I clicked on Edit page, I typed in [links category_name=”Good In Deed”] and Updated, but the link still does not show up on the page?

    Go back to the links page at:
    Admin page / Links / (hover over the link name, Edit will appear) Edit

    This goes to the setup page for the link. Scroll down to the categories box, click “+Add New Category”
    Enter: events_links and click “Add”
    Click “Update Link”

    Go back to the page where you want to show the link and type in:
    [links category_name=”events_links”]
    and Update the page.

    For the next link that you make, the category name events_links will be there already, so just click its checkbox.

    There is no EDIT when I hover over Links in my admin page.
    Only 4 headings to choose from:
    All Links, New Links, Links Categories, Links Shortcodes

    Choose the “All Links” item. This brings up a list of the links you have made. I think you have made only one so far. Hover over the name of the link you have made, and “Edit” should appear just underneath it.

    Is there a time frame that it shows up on the page? Because it does not show up immediately after I did all this.

    Should be instant.

    can you check to see what I’ve done? I’m not sure where the problem is. I followed your directions step by step. On my Add Links page it does ask for several things which I did not know how to answer.

    can you check to see what I’ve done? I’m not sure where the problem is. I followed your directions step by step. On my Add Links page it does ask for several things which I did not know how to answer.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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