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  • I have been looking at the templates on the design section of my wordpress blog and I would like to assign a custom template to a specific page. How do I do this.

    I would like to have fixed text on my home page and have a different look when someone clicks on a different page.

    I see there are a number of templates for different sections such as 404 template and archive.php

    How do I assign a template to a page. (for example the aboutus page)

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  • The codex has some instructions on this: Page Templates.

    – Tim

    Thanks Tim

    I have looked all over the WRITE>PAGE and can’t find the page template box anywhere!

    Could it be somewhere else?

    I have found it. I had a template installed that dose not show page template. I changed it to the default WordPress Template and it appered again.

    The template box only appears after you’ve created a custom page template (and uploaded it to your theme directory). If there are no custom page templates, you won’t see it.

    – Tim

    Just created a test template and the templates section is now showing.
    This software is so Cool 🙂

    It is, isn’t it. 🙂

    Hi, i cant see the template box.

    when you say upload? is this just putting a text file in the specific themes folder renaming it to .php and adding some php code inside? Because I already did this actually I already have two theme files and I still cant see the template box. Where exactly is it? Or do I have to do something in admin page and upload the template?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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