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  • I’m used to assigning modules to menu items in Joomla and I’m not sure if it’s possible to use WordPress in this way.

    My issue is I have 4 custom menus. Some of the pages need to appear in more than one menu. When you click on one of the pages that lives in “Menu1” I want to have “Menu1” display on the next page. And when you click on the same page in “Menu2” it should not display “Menu1” but “Menu2” in the sidebar. I hope that makes sense.

    When I assign “Menu1” and “Menu2” to the same page that they share it displays both menus in the sidebar. How do I get it to show only one menu?

    This could be achieved in Joomla by assigning the modules to each menu item. I cannot figure out how I would achieve this in WordPress.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or confirm if this can even be accomplished? I want to avoid duplicating pages so the client doesn’t have to update multiple pages.

    View site here

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