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  • This plugin has some amazing logic. I’m surprised it’s not as well known yet. I’ll pull a few strings to try to change that.


    As far as I can tell assignment can only be given to a single user.

    I’d like to be able to Submit to Workflow and assign to Compliance, Editors, etc. so they all get notified and whoever gets to it first can act on it.

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  • Plugin Author nuggetsol


    With the latest version of the plugin, you can actually make assignments to multiple users. However the first user who claims the task will be able to work on the assignment and complete it.

    As soon as the user claims it, the assignment is deleted from the inbox of other users.

    However the review process works slightly different. Here all the assigned users have to complete the review assignment either approve/reject the task. Even if one user rejects the task, the post/page is sent back to the previous step.

    Do let me know the workflow you are trying to accomplish and I can help you figure out a solution.

    Hope that helps.

    In my situation I’d like to assign to a role, rather than hand pick multiple users.

    We have a large organization with multiple departments that want to pass things around before it’s published. So rather than having to know Johnny in Compliance and Susie in Legal you could just assign it the Legal role.

    I’d also like to be able to force the assignment in the workflow, rather than allowing someone to choose who it goes to next.

    Without those enhancements, all I really need today is this:

    1. User edits existing page
    2. They submit their changes to John Doe meanwhile keeping the page published, but without the changes.
    3. John Doe approves and the new version is published.
    Plugin Author nuggetsol


    Regarding role based submission, that’s something, I will be adding as one of the features.

    I am currently working on an “auto-submit” feature, which is the first step towards doing a role based submission.

    In a “role based” submission env, the system will create assignments for all the users who are the given role. The first person who claims the assignment will be able to work on it and move it to the next step.

    Editing an already published page – That’s another feature which I will be working on. I haven’t fully thought through the process, but the general idea is to create a new/alt version of the post/page, change its status to draft and submit this version through the workflow.

    At the time of publish, this new alt revision will replace the original post. So essentially the old post will be visible to the end user until someone decides to publish this new alt revision which will basically override the old post.

    Hope this makes sense. Although, at this point of time, these features are not available in the plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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