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  • Running Buddypress and WC Vendor Pro and need to know how to edit the register.php or add a function that will allow me to assign Multiple Roles upon Registration?

    If i hard code this into Functions.php or edit a login file would i still need this plugin since this is already “under the hood” feature of WordPress?

    To make the question easier, lets just leave out the fact that I’m using Buddypress or WC Vendor.

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  • Hi aaronkine did you find a soloution on this issue, since I need to get a “double role” on some members aswell.

    It should be possible to hard code this with something like, if(current_user_can(‘role1)) add_role(‘role2’)… ish??

    I used User Role Editor. it allows you to assign multiple roles upon registration. But if your using WC Vendor the Vendor Application will overwrite the set roles… let me know if your using that plugin and I’ll explain how to fix that.

    Yes….It says on the description of this plug-in that ‘it is a good complement to other user plugins that don’t support multiple roles, such as Members.’

    Members already has the capability to set multiple roles (but not upon registration). I thought this plugin would let me set multiple roles for users upon registration, but it doesn’t, actually the User Edit screen ends up with a duplicate checkbox list of roles.

    User Role Editor plugin allows you to set multiple roles upon user registration, but it adds a lot of the same functionality of the Members plugin.

    I’d like to add a “set multiple roles upon user registration” feature from scratch, any ideas?

    Plugin Author Florian TIAR


    Hey, can you test the new version of the plugin please ? It’s normally fixed in 1.1

    Plugin Author Florian TIAR


    @isaacalves FIW, I added the feature of “set multiple roles upon user registration” in normal sites, and in multisite mode too. Feel free to tell me if you like this new version.

    nice! I hope I get the chance/time to test this soon. Thank you

    hi everyone. i’m having the same need but i’m using Woocommerce Vendors and Ultimate Members.

    i don’t see the addition default mode to have a user automatically assigned to two user roles when registering. Anyone figure this out? i think hard coding it may be my best bet if I can figure out how to do so.


    thanks in advance for input.
    Cc @aaronkin @mista-flo

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