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    Is there a way to assign more than one role to a user? For example users assigned to the “Red” role can see additional information as website members, and users assigned to the “Blue” role get a head start on selecting the best seats for an event.

    Some users are eligible to be in both the Red and Blue groups – can I do this, or do I need to create a third group “Purple” where in order to give permission to all Red users I need to select Red + Purple, and for Blue permissions I need to select Blue + Purple?

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  • I’m looking for an answer to this question too.

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    @bcorlett I know that it is possible to use a different plugin to enable multiple roles to be allocated to users in WP – in the user page the roles become check boxes instead of a dropdown.

    But it would be good to do it all through Ultimate Member and to know that this approach would work.

    I agree is would be nice to know if this would work with Ultimate Member. I’m building a site for an elementary/high school and would like to avoid fragmenting the system as much as possible. The site will likely be maintained by staff with little technical knowledge. I think the UXD of Ultimate Member is a little more up their ally then some of the other options I’ve seen.

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    Hi @nokkli and @bcorlett,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible in the current version of the plugin, however, our own Groups extension with the similar functionality is in development right now.


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    Hi @ultimatemembersupport,
    Thanks for letting us know.

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    @nokkli – How did you resolve this? I’m looking to do the same thing.

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    Apologies for getting your hopes up – this was “resolved” from a support perspective in that they cannot do any more other than make the extension as it is not current functionality.

    As a work around I created a “combined” user type:

    Group A – Regular members, require access to specific member content

    Group B – VIPs who donate and have access to different specific content

    Group C – VIPs who are also regular members and require access to both content areas.

    This means that for Group A content, permissions are granted to Groups A and C. For Group B content, permissions are granted for Groups B and C.

    @nokkli Thanks so much for the reply. Too funny on the “resolved.” And your work-around struck me with a chuckle as well – that is actually the EXACT “solution” that I have in place too lol I have folks who take Taiji class, those who take northern shaolin and those who take both.
    Now trying to figure out how to do “belt level” access. 😛

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    @iamnorthwind I hope you find a good solution. I haven’t tried it, and have no idea what conflicts might occur with UM, but I have spotted a ‘Groups’ plugin that reads like it might suit. It’s easy to find via Google…

    I’m interested in being able to assign multiple roles via Ultimate Member as well. Here is my current case:

    There is a registration form that, when filled out, gives the user a “Brand” role. This specific role unlocks certain pages/access.

    However, when a user purchases a WooCommerce package, I need them to become a “Buyer” role. This role unlocks different/additional pages. I am using the UM WooCommerce add-on that lets me change the role of the user if/when they purchase a product… but this CHANGES their role. I need it to ADD that role to the user’s already-existing role.

    I need a way for the user to maintain their “Brand” role access, even when they are a “Buyer”. Otherwise, I’d basically have to duplicate content/sections… particularly because I have a “directory” of Brands… and if they are changed to a Buyer… I’d need to now include Buyers in that Brand directory… But it’s also possible that a user could be a Buyer without being a Brand. Does that make sense?

    In short, I need a way to ADD an ADDITIONAL role to a user if/when they buy a Woo product.


    Having the same probleem here. How far is the Group plugin from Ultimate Member?

    following …

    @nokkli & @ UM team

    I would be highly interested in the checkbox/role feature too!
    As described from nokkli I use the same method and works perfectly fine!
    But, I need to generate a huge number of roles cause there are 22 single user groups. A bunch of members can have up to 4 roles grouped. I am using version 2.02.

    @ UM Team: the checkbox/role feature would vastly simplify the group management.
    Respect to this great plugin.



    @ultimatemembersupport : Have you create this extension today ? Or could you give me a solution to my members are able to assign more than one role automatically ?

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