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    Hello there,

    Im building a talent website and have created a registration form and a profile form for each role.
    Id like to give users the option of assigning themselves to more than one role/category.
    I thought about creating one registration form and one profile form that will cover all categories but that will obviously be overwhelming as there are many different talents categories such as Actors, singers, Dancers, Models, musicians and so on and no need to say that each talent profile would show slightly different info.

    What is the best way possible to do that in a way that a user will be able to assign themselves to more than one category and if possible that their profile will show the relevant info for both or all 3 categories they have assigned themselves to?

    Thank you!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I really wish they would help with implementing more than 1 role to an Ultimate Member user.

    I am using Ultimate Member with a registration form. The Ultimate Member plugin is set to “change the role” to a specific Role when a user registers. However, my goal is to also use User Role Editor to assign a secondary Role upon registration as well.

    Right now, the default role is set to Subscriber. But when someone signs up with the Ultimate Member form, they become a custom Role… which is fine. But is there some sort of setting or function that I can add, that will ALSO assign an additional Role (since User Role Editor allows that)? Ideally, when someone signs up, they get the Ultimate Member role AND a secondary role that I specify (e.g., Contributor).

    It appears Ultimate Member is overriding the “default” roles. So even if I tell User Role Editor to give a “default” user 2 different roles, the Ultimate Member form is not applying those. It’s applying its own role. Would be nice to be able to either assign multiple roles on a registration form, or to have it add in ADDITION to the default role.

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    Hi @orlybg and @freshyjon,

    I’m afraid, it’s not possible to assign multiple user roles in the current version of the plugin. I suggest checking our User Tags extension which can help to associate several tags with the user profile.


    Unfortunately User Tags is not nearly the same. I don’t see that offering a way to control users based on their tag.

    The benefit to multiple roles is being able to set WP Capabilities to a role. And also to be able to change that role via WooCommerce purchasing, as well as based on what Form they register with … all while maintaining a secondary role that ALL members have.

    What is the “Group” extension that’s being worked on? Is there an ETA on that?

    The current issue I’ve found, is even if I have a user that ALREADY exists with multiple roles (using the User Role Editor plugin)… if they purchase a product that “changes” their role… it will remove ALL of the previous roles from that user… and replace it with the one that was set on the WooCommerce item.

    I really need a way to ADD a role based on a WooCommerce purchase…so it doesn’t remove existing roles. In addition, I need new users to get a default/base role upon registration AND the one that I tell the UM form to assign.

    All users should have a Subscriber role AND the role that I tell it within UM 2.0 settings (form or Woo product).

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    Hi @freshyjon,

    Unfortunately, I don’t have ETA for Groups extension right now.
    If you need to change/assign user role upon purchase our WooCommerce extension can help, however, it’s not possible to have several different user roles or add one more user role to the existing user. If you have any pre-purchase questions please submit your ticket here.


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    Can i implement a search engine (refining profile search) in the “Tag” directory?

    Meaning, if a user clicks the “html” tag and it redirects him to the “html” tag directory with all the members that have selected this tag. Can we add refining engine on that directory to refine further according to certain data fields on members profile?


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    Hi @orlybg,

    Yes, it filters the members who selected specific tags in the directory. User Tags and other directory filters are working together as directory search filters.


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