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    wow, this is driving me up the walls…. I can’t seem to manage to display the tag cloud I want….:

    1. So, I’ve made 2 groups but only one is displaying correctly. The tag group with the red buttons has ID=2. I’mu using this shortcode: [tag_groups_cloud group_id=2 smallest=16]. What am I doing wrong? Whatever I do tagcloud ID=1 keeps displaying

    2. How to display a page specific tag cloud? This shortcode is not working: [tag_groups_cloud tags_post_id=27497 smallest=16] See page:

    I hope you can help me out!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Chris


    1. The parameter “group_id” does not exist with the shortcode tag_groups_cloud. I guess you want something like “include”. So you could try:
    [tag_groups_cloud include=2 smallest=16]

    If you need more than one group for “included”, you provide them in a comma-separated list:
    [tag_groups_cloud include=1,2,4 smallest=16]

    2. The tag cloud is there, but it is invisible because it’s empty. So you want to display only tags that appear in the post “Hans Busker”? Maybe it’s a typo – try 27479 instead of 27497.
    [tag_groups_cloud tags_post_id=27479 smallest=16]
    You could also try
    [tag_groups_cloud tags_post_id=0 smallest=16]
    and see if the plugin manages to find out the post ID automatically, since the shortcode is used inside that post that you refer to.



    Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for replying so fast 🙂 Both issues are resolved. I’m running into 2 new ones though:

    1. I realised I had made tags for the second tag cloud, but did not yet assign them to posts, which I did now. They are not being added to the view, though, but that is not my issue. I hoped to find a shortcode to display the tags from the two groups separately (like on the homepage). So, can I display the tags in the groups related to the specific post? I tried this: [tag_groups_cloud tags_post_id=0 include=1 smallest=16] and [tag_groups_cloud tags_post_id=0 include=2 smallest=16]. See:

    2. Is it possible to add a search option to a tag cloud? I think the amount of tags may become too big to have good overview, so a search optin would be a nice addition?


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    Plugin Author Chris


    1. The shortcodes look correct, but there seems to be a bug in the plugin. Could you please try version 0.37.1?

    2. Unfortunately not. I think that it could be done with some (complicated) jQuery coding but I currently don’t have the time for new features. I will put it on the list of possible enhancements.

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