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  • Hello,

    I have several trainings on my site reserved for my subscribers. (training 1, training 2, training 3, etc …)

    Each of them are restricted. Which means that only my subscribers can access it. Each course deals with a different subject and not all my subscribers are interested in all my training.

    For example, to access Training 1, the user must become a member by registering on a specific form that automatically assigns the “Training 1” role to the subscriber.

    If this subscriber wishes to access the training n ° 2, it is not possible because wordpress does not authorize a second registration with the same e-mail address.

    The only solution I have found is to link each of my trainings with specific roles that are assigned to those same users.

    Example: If User # 1 wants to access Training 1 and 2, he must have the role “Training 1, Training 2” in wordpress. Your plugin allows it, provided that I manually assign a second role.

    I would like to automate this task because I have many new subscribers every day and it takes me a lot of time.

    The idea would be to create a button on a page of my site so that when the subscriber with the role “training 1” clicks the button “Yes, I want to access the training n ° 2”, the role n ° 2 automatically assigned to it.

    Is it possible to do that? Having no programming skills, can you help me please?

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