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  • I’m looking to add to my site a searchable, sortable, means of managing files that would be available for users to download. In other words, I would have a dedicated page of items for download, divided into categories. Users would ideally be able to view each category as a grid of items, like a photo thumbnail page, or alternatively in flat list view.

    I considered simply using regular WP category views for this, but I’m not sure all this is doable without massive hacking. Is there a WP plug in or other php/sql application that would work for this? I did search these archives, but found nothing directly applicable.


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  • bump me too

    There is my Download Manager plugin, still in beta (for first release):

    However, other than tracking downloads it currently offers little in the way of “asset” management. And something like a page of download links would have to be maintained separately.

    hmm thats a good script, but it doesnt answer Arlo’s request.

    not a wordpress plugin, but an alternative could be pafiledb at

    yes but ive tried it, and posted before about pafiledb. It doesnt “php include” into wordpress. There is a header and footer hack, but I do not think that works with wordpress.

    any others?

    I’m on the lookout for something like this too, would save me a massive amount of time. Hope someone can help.

    Wow, I was surprised to see this thread bump back up, I forgot I had started it 🙂 In case anyone is curious, my site, , is still 100% WP category driven (with LOTS of hacking and plugins). I’m still hoping for a more robust way to manage my files, but for now its working fine.

    Kafka, your plugin looks interesting, I’ll give it a look. If it can be used to harvest download data, it might be useful for me (currently I’m using some php trickery to auto-link to downloads).

    very nice site….but do u have a plugin or script that u used for your downloads, or was it done mannually

    My downloads are semi-automatic, but not with a plugin. The url is in my loop and looks like this:

    <a href="/downloads/< ?php echo $post->post_name?>.zip">

    What this does is grab the post slug and insert it as the filename. I save my files in the “/downloads/” dir, named “”. If the post is titled “Post Title” the slug will automatically become “post-title”, and the download link is ready to go:

    <a href="/downloads/">


    if anyone cares i found a way to integrate pafiledb !

    USE IFRAMES, and make the frameborder = 0

    it works perfectly with no need for header or footer hacks


    iFrames are evil, but that is a good solution 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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