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  • Yes you can do an assessment.

    When you configure a quiz in the edit quiz section, there is a “Activate graduation” check box that needs to be enable. Once this is enabled, you will be able to do rankings based upon the the test takers overall score.

    Next, when you make your quiz questions, you can assign different values to each answer based up the response that the quiz taker selects.

    At the end of the quiz, all the points get tallied up and you can display the proper message that should be given to them based on their score.

    Thanks so much for your response. I tried it. I must be doing something wrong. Can you look at this video AND the code I created. I need to add a bunch of questions but I want to get the first one to look right.

    Less True {[1][2|2][3|3][4|4][5|5]} More True

    With this plugin, the way it currently has been built, you can only pseudo simulate an assessment exam. This plugin has not been designed specifically for assessments, but was designed to grade people as a regular exam. Maybe in the future Xeno010 will add some features to make assessment type exams easier to create and score.

    With that being said, the easiest way to simulate what you want to do is listed below.

    Click the “Add Quiz” Button
    1. Enable the check box “Hide Correct- and incorrect messages”
    2. Set Quiz Mode type to “Normal”
    3. Near the bottom, enable “Activate graduation” You will see a box appear. Inside the main box, put the number “1” without quotes. In the grey box ” from XXX percent (will be displayed)”, Enter 6
    4. Click the “Add Graduation” button.
    5. In the new box enter 2 From XXX percent, enter 13
    6. Click the “Add Graduation” button.
    5. In the new box enter 3 From XXX percent, enter 20
    7. Click the “Add Graduation” button.
    8. In the new box enter 4 From XXX percent, enter 26
    9. Click the “Add Graduation” button.
    10. In the new box enter 5 From XXX percent, enter 33
    11. Click “SAVE” button

    Now we enter the quiz Questions
    1. Enable the “Different points for each answer”
    2. Create a question…example
    From 1 to 5 how social are you? (1 low – 5 high, choose only 1)
    3. In the “Answer type” select Multiple Choice
    4. Answer 1, Enable “Correct” Points 1 Click on Add New Answer
    5.Answer 2, Enable “Correct” Points 2 Click on Add New Answer
    6.Answer 3, Enable “Correct” Points 3 Click on Add New Answer
    7.Answer 4, Enable “Correct” Points 4 Click on Add New Answer
    8.Answer 5, Enable “Correct” Points 5 Click on Add New Answer

    9. Click Save button and Add one more question repeating steps above.

    For testing purposes, have 2 questions configured, then run the PREVIEW EXAM. When the test finishes, ignore the statement “You have reached x out of x points”. The item that you want to focus on, is the display number (1-5) which is the average assessment score from the questions answered.

    When doing quiz assessment questions like this, the plugin will want to make each question worth 15 points, when they should only be worth 5 points. The plugin gets the 15 point value by adding up (1+2+3+4+5). Because you are doing an assessment, the 15 points per question do not mean anything to you. You only care about the GRADUATION value that is listed at the end of the exam.

    I hope this all makes sense, its a bit long to type out.

    I did what you said. It’s not exactly what I want but I think I can make it work. I don’t think your formula is correct. I have 2 questions with a total of 10 points. This is what I got for an answer.

    You have reached 5 of 30 points, (16.67%)

    It is also saying 0 of 2 correct answers. This message should not display.

    If you followed the steps above, each question should have 5 choices. You have to ignore the message “you have reached x of x points (xx.xx %)” For this is scoring of quizzes for normal tests and has no bearing on what you are trying to do in a assessment test.

    Right about the buttons “Restart Quiz” and “View Questions” is a number. That number is the average number for the 2 questions scored, rounded down to a whole number. This is the number you need to be focused on.

    For you to get 5 out of 30 (16.67%) showing, you selected 2 and you selected a 3 on your two questions. Right above the Restart quiz and View questions button is the value ” 2 “. the number is derived by adding the (2 + 3)/2 and then rounding down for the answer ” 2 ”

    On a weighted assessment exam, the user scored a 2 in this example. Remember, This is pseudo editing WP PRO Quiz, to give you a assessment value at the end of the exam. The program currently was not designed as an assessment exam, but we are using WP Pro Quizzes features to give you that functionality.

    I hope this clears things up 🙂

    ** also note, that in the “Add Quiz” section when we entered the formulas & numbers 1,2,3,4,5 when enabling the “Activate Graduation”, you could have also put a message like
    1 AbNormal Behavior
    2 AbNormal Behavior
    3 Borderline Behavior
    4 Normal Behavior
    5 Normal Behavior

    *** There is currently no option to hide the 0 of 2 correct answers message.

    If the assessment feature is something you really need and want, you can always give a donation to the developer. WP PRO Quiz has a lot of features and has become a great quiz plugin for WordPress, for only being 5 months old.

    I think in time, with enough requests for assessment exam features, this might be better implemented into this plugin.

    Plugin Author xeno010



    Assessment comes in Version 0.24


    Hi Xeno010,
    I wish to have the feature that my users can create questions from the front end, they will receive credits for the creations. Then, from the back-end I will approve for their questions and verify the credits my authors would receive.

    I am willingly to pay for this customization. Can you give me a touch?


    Hi Xeno – could you give an idea as to when v0.24 will be released? I’m looking at using the plugin as a base for a project but really need the assessment functionality to do that.



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