• Hi, I’m using an essential grid for the posts, and the aspect ratio is set to 4:3 there, but this setting is not transferring to the carousel.

    Can you help me to make the aspect ratio uniform for this plugin’s output?

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Support N. M. Uzzal



    We have no idea how you have set the essential grid plugin for creating the carousel with the Post Carousel plugin. If you could share a screenshot/link, it would better for our understanding.

    However, you can set ‘Post Columns‘ for devices from the ‘GENERAL SETTINGS‘ tab of the Post Carousel plugin.
    Screenshot→ https://prnt.sc/nt38by

    And, a carousel covers the width of the section/div/widget where its shortcode is pasted. So, you have to adjust the ‘Post Columns’ value of a carousel to look the ratio satisfied. But, getting the exact aspect ratio of 4:3 is not possible.

    Thank you.

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