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  • Hello, WC vets. Newbie here in not only WC but WP as well. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    First, I have what might be an odd situation. I am selling products that several factors that can determine cost. I’ve got it broken down to a workflow that makes sense. To make it less complicated lets just use shirts for example. We sell several shirts, cloth and color can both determine cost. So if you wanted a cotton shirt in XXL it is a different cost than a rayon one in small. Or for that matter, even a cotton one in small. The cloth cost can be different and so can the size.

    I’ve got it figured out to use attributes but as far as my knowledge takes me that would only work if I had one choice. Like if the price changed if it was just the size of the shirt that was the determining factor. But I have 2.

    What would you suggest for an approach to this?

    And also, my other hurdle is shipping. We have to use freight carriers, no FedEx or UPS for us, our product is too heavy. I need to ship by weight. Each shirt weighs X amount. Each pallet can support 2850 lbs. or so. If their order takes the weight over that I need it to break it into 2 pallets. Or if large enough 3 pallets. SO if someone ordered 8400 lbs of shirts I need it to divide that between 3 pallets. Then, each pallet may have a unique cost. Say shipping from Atlanta to NYC costs $200 for the first pallet the second might be $189 and the third might be $180.

    Thoughts? Are there plugins that already do this that I can buy or are free or do I need to contact a developer of one of the plugins that is close and ask to modify it?


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