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  • A site I help with occasionally got corrupt and it wasn’t noticed for a day or two. Every day, a backup (WP Database Backup) is sent by email. The initial problem was that articles after June were missing and images were largely missing.

    The owner restored from a day-old database and all but one articles were restored but no change to the missing images. Every table was repaired using phpMyAdmin to no avail. Another error was that the image gallery had a list of images but not the actual files.

    They are manually reinserting the missing images – hundreds of them, so I wonder if there was a better method. e.g. Restore from a month ago? What I am trying to understand is the SQL file in the backup. Does it contain the intelligence that makes the database unbroken? Or is it just dumb relational data?

    We are trying to understand if there was a way to backup a database in an unbroken condition so that it can be restored over a broken database.

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    Try restoring an older, complete, database backup. Perhaps one that is a week or 2 old.

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