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    Your query may be better suited on the ‘Your WordPress’ forum.



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    what is the license for that theme?

    GPL license

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    It’s not GPL. You broke the license and contradict the GPL at least twice and until you get that sorted out I don’t recommend anyone use that theme.

    We’re really pro-GPL here.

    Per the wp_template_Bysoft/themes/Bysoft/template.php file in the “WEBANDTHEMES USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (Free License Templates )” section at the top.

    Only the PHP code portions of the Company templates are distributed under the GPL version 3.0 license.

    If not otherwise stated, all images, cascading style sheets, and included JavaScript are NOT GPL.

    Which is fine and you could do that, but the javascript, css, and are explicitly “NOT GPL”.

    That’s perfectly alright (but you wouldn’t get to host that theme here). So far so good and per some really protracted conversations any WordPress theme’s PHP code that uses any WordPress API is GPL.

    Here’s where you break the GPL in that file.

    2.4. You are authorized to make modification(s) to our products to fit your purposes.

    However, you are NOT permitted to remove any copyright within the index.php file or CSS files, nor the XML file.

    I added the <strong> emphasis. Line 30 of the index.php file contains <?php get_header(); ?> so that index.php file is GPL’ed.

    There are other WordPress API in that file but you get the point.

    On a GPL theme such as Twenty Eleven I can edit it to my heart’s content including the copyright in the index.php file (if Twenty Eleven had one).

    That does not mean I can pass it off as my own work or claim copyright, it just means I can fully and freely edit it any way I want to. Your terms forbid that so you’re not exactly GPL’ing that theme.

    It goes downhill from there. Section 2.5 is not GPL friendly at all.

    2.5. The Template User may not offer any of the Company’s templates, modified or not for redistribution or resale of any kind without prior written consent by the Company.

    More <strong> emphasis added by me. I stopped after that.

    Now my points are all about the license and I didn’t look at the PHP or theme much. If you get the license issue then maybe it’ll be worthwhile to look at it some more.

    I Will have a look to change some points. thanks

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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