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    The company says your card info is required to avoid spamming… really? I can understand the need to create an account in order to use a plugin and ask for an email validation or some other common sense method but requiring the most sensitive info above all? Come on now. And to everyone else thinking about installing such plugin and reading reviews, please stop encouraging such actions, I don’t care about how good a plugin is, to require an account that needs your card info in order to actually use it (it doesn’t really matter if they don’t charge you) is simply outrageous and unacceptable.

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    Hi @florianghe

    Thanks for contacting us. 

    All our plans, including the free plan, require a credit card in order to start and have specific pageview limits and features available to them.

    It’s kind of like how you might be billed for internet service or a phone plan. Depending on the phone or internet package you choose, you might get more lines, gigs of data, or other additional features. If/when you near the limit of your selected package, they let you know they’ll be charging you if you go over so your service isn’t interrupted.

    We take this same approach, so in the event, your account exceeds the campaign impressions available to it, your campaigns continue showing, and you can keep growing your email list, leads, and sales. 

    We also give you full control of what happens to your account if you do reach those limits. As you approach your limits, we’ll send 2 email notifications letting you know what to expect. 

    If you do not wish to have your service continue when you reach the account’s limits, you can set your pageview and upgrade preferences to “Suspend campaigns until pageviews reset at the beginning of the next month.”

    You can read more about those settings here – https://optinmonster.com/docs/pageview-and-upgrade-preferences/.

    And if needed, you can also take advantage of our 14-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you are automatically upgraded, or you’re not 100% happy with OptinMonster, you can cancel your account…risk-free and hassle-free…and we’ll refund your payment.

    I hope that helps explain the requirement of a credit card.

    We know that doesn’t work for everyone, though, but we thank you for giving us a try! We wish you luck with your future endeavors!

    What florianghe writes I can only strongly support.
    The request for credit card data is an absolute no-go and has only one goal, to keep the hurdle to the paid service as low as possible, the whole reasoning is a farce, it’s all about getting users into the payment service as quickly as possible. This should not be supported.
    Define your requirements and you will see that much of what optinmonster offers is much cheaper to get, much of it is also free or at least without having to pay for the traffic.

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