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    I’m in the process of designing a new website, and I have a question about whether to use multisite or a single website with different templates. I’m familiar with creating templates, so that’s not a problem. It’s just a matter of what would be the best for the website.
    The website will be “divided” in 3 or 4 “levels”. Like:
    Level one: main stuff. Blog section (one category only, like annoucements, so no need for different categories or such), pages and links.
    Level two: accessible from level one, will contain pages, maybe a blog section (which might have multiple categories).
    Level three: accessible from level two, but password protected. Will definitely have a blog section with multiple categories.

    On top of that, I’ll have, after a while, a blog, separated from the rest of the “main” website, with it’s own subdomain name.

    The different “levels” websites won’t have their own subdomain, they will each be on the main domain. However, the menus will be differents.

    What would be the best approach to that? Templates will be a bit of work, but I think it’s doable. I’ve never tested the multisites feature, but I’m not sure my project isn’t “too small” for a multisite installation to make sense. The main work will be making the templates, but I would have to code new themes for the multisites anyway, so it would probably end up being the same. There will be a bunch of plugins that I would want to use on all “level” websites, and with a multisite install, I have the impression each would have their own plugins, so it would mean activating and settings them for each website.
    Thanks for all advice!

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  • Nobody?
    Also, something I thought about: wouldn’t it be a problem for a single wordpress install to be viewed from a domain AND a subdomain? I mean, in matter of permalinks and such?

    I don’t really understand what you mean by “levels.”

    Nah, that’s not really important, that’s just how I plan on calling the different themes. It’s not relevant to the question, it was just to explain the goal of having three different themes.
    Just imagine you have the first floor theme, the ground floor theme and the basement theme (accessible with a password).
    It’s basically one website, but with three different sections.

    You can’t use multiple themes on a single installation of WP – well, kinda if this plugin works on your site –

    So, yeah, probably your options are to use categories, custom templates, custom post types or multisite. As to the latter, maybe read this:

    Don’t Use WordPress MultiSite

    Very useful article, thanks!
    So I guess I’ll be going for the templates, categories and stuff. I’ve done it before (not for something as “big” as this, but still), I’m more or less comfortable with it.
    What I did was have a different css for each categorie’s content, here I would need to call a different header and a different footer, which shouldn’t be a problem.
    (just so I know I’m going in the right direction: I need to make a new function, like get_header2(), that would call in header2.php, right?)

    You might also look at –

    Thanks, it will be very useful! I already did something similar with another website, but only with categories.
    Here, the thing I’m worried about is the “headers already sent by” php error of doom, since the “get_newheader” will happen after the check for the post type inside the loop.
    So I was thinking: would it be better for me to get rid of the call for the header, and have a snippet of code that would call for the different headers once it has checked what post/page/category type it is?

    Ok, I read both Conditional tags and Post types pages (thanks for that one, BTW, I never used it so I didn’t really know it existed. I’m still not 100% sure for it’s for, but I guess I could use it to make my posts on the main blog have different options than the posts on the sub-blog). I’m still unsure where I should put my conditional tag…
    I have the impression it goes inside the loop, but if it goes there, how can I get the right header for the page, since the loop part happens after the get_header() call?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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