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  • My first plugin! This plugin Adds Password Protection to your /wp-admin/ directory.

    If you are worried about your WordPress blog getting hacked, this can help. It adds a 2nd layer of security to your blog by requiring a username and password to access anything in the /wp-admin/ folder.

    The plugin is simple, you just choose a username and password and you are done. It writes the .htaccess file, without messing it up. It also encrypts your password and creates the .htpasswd file, as well as setting the correct security-enhanced file permissions on both.

    For those of you with a static IP Address, you can choose to deny access to any IP address except for yours, or you can say all IP’s except for yours have to enter the password, and you don’t!

    This plugin automatically picks all the right settings for where to save the .htpasswd and .htaccess files, but you can easily change those settings to anything you want. You can change it whenever you want right from your WordPress Admin Panel.

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  • once enabled, how do you disable this? do you need to delete the folder?

    Ya you need to delete the /wp-admin/.htaccess file..

    I got really excited about it and ended up writing the whole thing in a couple hours, then I was exhausted but I submitted the dang thing anyways.. I’m working it on it now though and the next update will be legit. There was a ton of stuff to improve but WordPress’s Plugin API makes it alot of fun to program.

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