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  • Can anyone suggest a good one for this theme? I’ve tried different configurations and haven’t found anything that works so far.

    Much thanks.

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  • Have you looked at the Sideblog plugin?

    That’s hilarious. I just downloaded it and so far I have everything in check but not getting the results I’m looking for. Here is my blog: [this savage art…]. Here is what I have so far. Did all of the following:

    1. Download Sideblog Plugin v3
    2. Unzip and upload sideblog.php to your wp-content/plugins directory.
    3. Login to your WordPress blog.
    4. Activate in your Admin -> Plugins panel.
    5. Go to Admin -> Options -> Sideblog panel.
    6. Select the category(ies) you want to publish in the sidebar. ( I assigned one category “Asides”.
    7. Take note of the “category slug(s)”. Update your Sideblog Options.
    8. Open your sidebar.php in a text editor.
    9. Add the sideblog function.

      <?php sideblog(’asides’); ?>

    All of that is in place but when I post something and asign it a “asides” category the section on my sidebar reads “Aside category not selected” and the post ends up in my Recent Posts category.

    Not sure what’s going on???

    Did the same thing a few days ago. Back to Admin -> Options -> Sideblog. Make sure the box next to your category is actually checked! (mine wasn’t saved the first time).

    It’s checked…nuttin’.

    Maybe you wanna try the Widgets plugin? I have the Sideblog widget and it works fine.

    The aside post will appear in “Recent Posts”, though, something that I’m still trying to avoid.

    From what I can see the plugin and the widget that you speak of are the same thing.

    I don’t see a Sideblog Widget. I’m using the Sideblog Plugin.

    Yep, use Widgets plugin and drag the Sideblog widgets to the sidebar:

    WordPress Widgets

    Stahn — thanks for the link but from what I can see Emire doesn’t support widgets at this time. If I want I can tool around with it. Need to do some reading before I open this up and watch it bleed. Great feature though. I hope the next version of Emire has this added.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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