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  • Here it comes:

    As you, probably, do not read russian you may concentrate on design 😉

    It is first site in my “web empire” of 10 projects most of which is planned to be transferred to WP and it would be perfect if you:
    1) Comment on this installation.
    2) Advice on WP in multi-domain environment on one server. Is it possible have one admin interface for many domains to preserve some disk space (and money) on server?

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  • So far so nice. Strangely enough, that look like Kubric with Plain Vanilla flavour. I think you have a little spelling mistake in the footer. Is it supposed to be “Ñ€?µ?´?ºÑ‚?¾Ñ€”? Also, the “?¡Ñ?Ñ‹?»?º?° ?´?»Ñ? у?º?°?·?°?½?¸Ñ? ?¿Ñ€?¸ ?º?¾?¿?¸Ñ€?¾?²?°?½?¸?¸(TrackBack)” link font needs to be much, much smaller. It looks weird being the same size as the post title. It also looks bad right after the title. I would put it as last, after the “Administrator —> ?¢?°?ºÑ??¸” line.

    Keep up the good work.

    Definitely, “Ñ€?µ?´?°?ºÑ‚?¾Ñ€”.
    What yo mean by ” ‘…(Trackback)’ link font needs to be smaller”? It is just an image, as I see it, with alt=”?¡Ñ?Ñ‹?»?º?° ?´?»Ñ? у?º?°?·?°?½?¸Ñ? ?¿Ñ€?¸ ?º?¾?¿?¸Ñ€?¾?²?°?½?¸?¸(TrackBack)”. I’ll try to decrease it and put it in “entry details” line as soon as I reach FTP. Then we’ll have a look ;-).

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