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  • downright awful, in every possible metric. Not even worthy of my time in explaining why it sucks so bad, since everyone else has already said it. Avoid, like the plague

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  • esmi


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    How do you know that the error wasn’t yours? Why didn’t you try to contact the plugin’s author about this by posting a topic in the plugin’s dedicated sub-forum?

    Try reviewing:

    Hi Esmi
    There was no error to attribute blame to, either user error or otherwise. What is wrong with this plugin has, now I’ve read the 1 star reviews, already been amply covered by other people, hence my title.

    Plugin Author DWUser


    Hi @travellers,

    In agreement with @esmi, we’d appreciate any constructive feedback you can provide. If there’s a specific issue, we’d love to take the opportunity to improve; if the issue simply relates to having to install an external editor application, I’ve shared in other posts our philosophy on that:

    The external editor application allows for more efficient and powerful editing features; for example, images can be resized and optimized before being uploaded to the web. This saves uploading time and allows for quicker development. Obviously, not every plugin is perfect for every use case. EasyRotator for WordPress is well maintained and offers extensive functionality. Many other plugins are more limited and/or don’t receive regular maintenance. While the up-front setup usually takes a minute or two (as mentioned clearly in the plugin description), we believe that the long-term benefits outweigh the initial investment.

    This requirement is mentioned in the plugin requirements; if you disagree with having to install an external editor we certainly respect your opinion, but we do humbly request that you not bash the plugin when reading the requirements could have allowed you to effectively prejudge the plugin’s merits for your situation.


    Drew O’Neill



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    As [per your other “review” where you posted complaints without bothering to contact the plugin author:

    Posting complaints here undermines the usefulness of the review system and, at worst, could be construed as a deliberate abuse of the system in order to try and leverage quicker support.
    So please do not do this.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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