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  • Just tried THREE content lockers – Onepress Social Locker, Content Locker by MyThemeShop, and Locker Cat, and all three are not fit for purpose as content sharing plugins as all three have unthinkable errors (MyThemeShop is SLIGHTLY different but we’ll go onto that on their review)

    FACEBOOK – Onepress and Locker Cat both just show the ‘Like’ button, it’s pressed, and the content is cleared. Ok, that’s what’s supposed to happen, but looking on my Facebook Page, and my personal page, there was no show of any ‘like’ at all. In fact I don’t really think anything happened except a tick appeared and the content got revealed. Hardly inspiring stuff. Content Locker was ok here, as it directed me to my Facebook profile, together with a list of pages that I might like to post to. Which is how I expected the other two plugins to react.

    TWITTER – Content Locker failed miserably here as it refused to post to twitter due to the ‘ticket being invalid’. Funny, but I don’t remember setting up a Twitter app? The other two fared no better though, as even when the tweet and url was shown, all ready to tweet, I found that if you cancelled out of it (even with OnePress’ Double Check button activated), the content was revealed nevertheless, making tweets useless all around – a little like on their Facebook incarnations.

    All I can say is, thank god that none of these guys are in charge of security plugins!

    I’m also very wary now of going to the likes of Code Canyon to purchase a plugin, as the above three examples have left a very bitter taste.

    Poor show all around I’m afraid.

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