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  • Just tried THREE content lockers – Onepress Social Locker, Content Locker by MyThemeShop, and Locker Cat, and all three are not fit for purpose as content sharing plugins as all three have unthinkable errors (MyThemeShop is SLIGHTLY different but we’ll go onto that on their review)

    We’ll get rid of Google+ as no-one uses it anymore, and the LockerCat plugin doesn’t even have it.

    FACEBOOK – Onepress and Locker Cat both just show the ‘Like’ button, it’s pressed, and the content is cleared. Ok, that’s what’s supposed to happen, but looking on my Facebook Page, and my personal page, there was no show of any ‘like’ at all. In fact I don’t really think anything happened except a tick appeared and the content got revealed. Hardly inspiring stuff. Content Locker was ok here, as it directed me to my Facebook profile, together with a list of pages that I might like to post to. Which is how I expected the other two plugins to react.

    TWITTER – Content Locker failed miserably here as it refused to post to twitter due to the ‘ticket being invalid’. Funny, but I don’t remember setting up a Twitter app? The other two fared no better though, as even when the tweet and url was shown, all ready to tweet, I found that if you cancelled out of it (even with OnePress’ Double Check button activated), the content was revealed nevertheless, making tweets useless all around.

    All I can say is, thank god that none of these guys are in charge of security plugins!

    I’m also very wary now of going to the likes of Code Canyon to purchase a plugin, as the above three examples have left a very bitter taste.

    Poor show all around I’m afraid.

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    Each button of the Social Locker has a set of settings you can configure.

    FACEBOOK: You have a full control over where send likes to. By default, the locker uses an URL of a current page where the locker is located. In settings of the Like button inside your locker, you can set an URL of your Facebook page to get new likes and fans (the Like button is mainly desgined execly for that).

    TWITTER: The option Double Check had a bug appeared a pair of weeks ago after some changes in Twitter API. Currently it has been fixed. Now everything works fine as it had worked before.

    Thanks to the Social Locker our Facebook page has gained more 8000 fans without spending any cents (as pages of thousands of other users of the Social Locker). So your statement about that it’s pointless is quite far from truth.

    Except the Social Locker widgets, the plugin also includes the Sign-In Locker widgets for gathering leads and building mailing list. That you ignored writing your plugin review as plenty of other features.


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    I appreciate Steve’s review, hadn’t heard of the others, had looked at this one here months ago and not even the demo page was working, so I thought “hey, why pay for that?”.

    Now I see, in line with what Paul posted about error fix, the demo page works again, so I may give it another try.

    But here’s sth for Steve: There is a social locker that worked wonderfully, lots of settings options too: wp-wharely, a private paid one, from some dutch guy.

    Then they stopped maintaining it and promptly fb changed some api stuff and the plugin stopped working. I think twitter and g+ still worked but our users used fb unfortunately. So we took the plugin out.

    >>> Since the time we took the plugin out, guess what?
    NO ONE shared anything! 12 social share buttons, but without “force” actually no one shares (in our sector). So much for how NECESSARY a functioning social locker plugin is.

    So, coincidentally before Paul fixed his plugin, I hired a guy to fix wp-sharely/fb api.
    Then I can compare that with this here, and report back.

    Okay Paul and all, so I just tested this sociallocker and it still doesn’t work unfortunately:

    – it does prevent loading the locked part
    – but keep page loading forever, doesn’t stop loading “sth”??
    – and the locked part just is blank, no locker widget, nothing anyone could “share”

    Can you please try as well, on a fresh install?

    Myself I am not going to go bug searching because I know Steve is right, these “locker” plugins are buggy like hell, and if it doesn’t work out of the box (like wp-sharely) then it is too difficult to use for most anyone user.

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