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    My apologies, I don’t speak Russian!

    I just wanted to say that there are people around the world that use Yandex (especially because most of its sites has very decent English translations), so, naturally enough, I’m testing most of the Yandex features; Turbo was next on my list.

    Other plugins seem to have Russian as the only option, which makes it harder for a non-Russian speaker to install and configure. Mihdan: Yandex Turbo Feed, however, is mostly translated to English as well (with some exceptions).

    Installation is simple enough, you get a new option on the WordPress sidebar, where you can ‘Add Feeds’ or view feeds. This is a nice touch: I was expecting just one feed! This allows you to configure and experiment with several alternatives — saving them all — and then let Yandex pick the one you like best.

    Each feed has several options to include in the RSS — besides the additional Yandex Turbo markup — which means you can have feeds just for comments, or posts with comments, posts with images, and so forth. It has a very reasonable amount of configuration options, but — and that’s also a plus! — it has good enough defaults if you feel overwhelmed with all the options (I was!).

    After you create a feed, you get a new URL for it — usually something like https://your-website-address.tld/turbo/your-feed-name — which you can copy & paste to the Yandex Turbo RSS validator. After half a minute or so, you should have a green message saying ‘No errors’, and your Turbo RSS feed should be operational. Of course, Yandex now needs to load all pages mentioned on the feed and start converting them to the Turbo version, which Yandex claims to take around 2 hours or so.

    Also note that Yandex will not create a Turbo page for all your pages; as far as I can understand, even though it might process your Turbo-enhanced RSS, only those pages worth keeping will be ‘turbified’ — and that is done according to the ranking of each page in your site, and if they have been previously selected by Yandex to be worth keeping.

    All-in-all, this is a very reasonable plugin that does what it claims to do and does it well. I just await the completion of the full English translation 😄

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  • Plugin Author mihdan


    Thank you for the positive feedback. Translation to English will be done as soon as possible

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    That’s awesome! I’ve helped out a bit, using the WordPress translation facilities; of course, the Russian bits might not be perfectly translated, since I have to rely on Google Translate (and sometimes Microsoft Translate), and sort of understanding things in context. So I did my best 🙂 Apparently, someone who is responsible for the British English translations has done a quick review and approved about half of the entries…

    English is actually not my first language — in spite of my Welsh nickname, I’ve actually been born in Portugal (and can’t speak Welsh, either!). So it was pretty easy to include a (European) Portuguese translation as well.

    I’ve not done the READMEs though. Perhaps some day…

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