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  • Hello,

    I have never used a CMS before and it was suggested WordPress would be a good place to start owing to it`s ease of use.

    I consider myself reasonably skilled with xhtml/css and in time will probably understand how to create my own themes.

    What I don`t understand is the part of posting content, images and such. With a regular webpage, content would be placed in divs.

    Say for example I created a theme similar to (I may even buy this one)

    How and where do I add the content for the various “boxes” across the pages? When I open wordpress and go to the “page” area, there is only the one large editor box. What about the sidebar and other boxes, where are these located in admin? In fact I don`t even know which box the main content editor if for.

    Is there a website anywhere such as “WordPress as a CMS for dummies”?

    Thank you.

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  • When you purchase this theme, you’ll be given access to the tutorials that show you how to post content to those boxes.

    Just as the demo site shows you, some of the boxes contain the most recent posts, and one of the boxes contains information that you’ll enter in one of the widget boxes you’ll find here after you’ve installed the theme: Dashboard–>Appearance–>Widgets.

    The information that is found in the beige navigation bar across the top (“Home”, “Curriculum”, “Schedule”, “Admissions”, “Student Services”, “Contact”) are titles of the pages you will create in that big editor box you mentioned.

    You can purchase this book or use Google to find more information.

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