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  • Heya!

    Just downloaded the new Beta and it’s rockin! In celebration, got a new compatible WordPress 2.0 theme (works in 1.5.x, too, on all Mac and PC browsers – haven’t tested Linux – sorry!). The theme is also to promote a new site on South African contemporary art, which uses WordPress (very simply, mind you) as a Content Management System. Check out the theme, instructions, download, etc:

    artsemerging wordpress 2.0 theme

    Please let me know via this forum, or here if you experience any problems!


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  • Works flawlessly on Firefox on Linux. You can safely add it to your list of compatible platforms. Nice looking theme by the way.

    As I refreshed the comment page, for some reason or another, the footer went to the center of the page. I cannot reproduce the error though. Work rechecking carefully…

    Also to be aware:

    Hey, thanks! Went in and made some minor changes, and the theme now is both xhtml and css valid / compliant. I still get a handful of warnings (not errors), but they are mostly asking for redundant information, so I’m gonna let them go. Unfonrtunately, I can’t seem to repeat the refresh bug you found on any of my (mac) browsers… I’m hoping anyone else who gets it can figure out a way to repeat it, so I can do tests. Any other bugs, lemme know.

    Happy holidays!

    Only complaint: I don’t like the font.

    It’s the opposite of the classic WP theme.
    The classic theme has a horrible (overly spaced) font, this font is too narrow.

    For the design/presentation part outside of the text however, it’s really nice!

    y’know what? I agree (and thanks for the tip). I’ve increased the letter-spacing on the post font’s class ever so slightly; what do you think now?

    Still kinda scruntched on your unordered list, besides that it’s MUCH MUCH MUCH better :).

    hey, thanks! yeh, noticed that, and fixed the scrunchiness in the li and blockquote styles to match that of the rest of the post a little bit after I posted here. something in the way i did the CSS that wasn’t talking to everything in my class… thanks for the design tips VxJasonxV, and the validation stuff, schestowitz! I hope some peops out there use the theme. 😉

    I can’t make anything (of my own) look good for the life of me, but I believe now that yours looks SOOOO much better.
    Am I a muse? 😛

    indeed 😉

    Just downloaded the new Beta and it’s rockin!

    hmmmm… where did you download it from?

    It’s the second link on your dashboard. still a few bugs (not sure how to reload a backup; trackbacks don’t seem to register as numbered comments; the use of uploaded images is a bit confusing in the post frame), but the new admin interface is a beauty, and the use of frames on the write pages makes posting a whole new experience.

    So that is not the version that is suppose to be released today?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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