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  • Dan Tappan


    Update on this:

    I switched the “Feed URL” in the widget settings from the

    “XML Feed URL for Future Shows”
    (which had worked in under the previous version of WordPress)
    to the “Direct Link”

    and it started working again.

    Dan – Have you noticed that updates to your artistdata calendar now take longer to appear on your site via the plugin since changing to the direct link (…//dan-tappan/…)?

    I discovered a week ago that I had to do the same as you after the update but after adding a show this morning, It hasn’t appeared on my site ( – it had been about 12 hours when I posted this and it hasn’t shown yet.

    Wondering if the artistdata “direct links” are much slower to update?

    Plugin Author slushman


    Hey Dan and blues,

    I haven’t noticed a difference on my sites between those two links, but we’re not very active right now, so I don’t have much to work with. The direct links were a request of mine to ArtistData because when they were purchased by Sonicbids, the links to everything changed and were just being forwarded. That caused issues for some people based on their web server’s configuration and how it fetched the feed from AD. I would think that both links would work the same, but I would also expect the direct link to work better, so I’m surprised it doesn’t.

    As soon as I get the chance, I’ll take a look and play with the feeds. You may need to contact AD directly and let them know about the issue.

    @slushman – Thanks for the response! I refreshed my browser upon waking and the show appeared. So… it took somewhere between 14 – 22 hours to see the new “event” reflected on my website. I will notify ArtistData and please let me know if you find it’s something that you can control on the plugin side of things.

    Do you know why the “non direct” feed URL would have stopped working upon updating to wordpress 3.7?

    Do you know of a way to display “all shows” with the most recent date at the top of the list? “Reverse chronological”, I suppose?

    I dream of a future where band calendar management across a multitude of platforms is effortless and instantaneous… Until then, your plugin combined with ArtistData + the fact that you responded quickly, has given me hope.

    Plugin Author slushman


    I don’t know why the indirect feed URL wouldn’t work. Unfortunately, there a thousand variables as to why this kind of thing wouldn’t work, I’ve tried to eliminate as many issues as possible by using WP’s functions rather than making up something of my own.

    The only way I would know to get the all shows in reverse chrono order would be to have two separate shortcodes on the page, one for the upcoming shows, one for the past shows, and try to format them so they look like one thing.

    I believe the feed for all shows is in chrono order, ADP just takes the feed and spits it out on the page, I don’t really reorder anything, it would take too much time every time the page loaded.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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