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  • Plugin Author Allen


    there one reason why any item won’t come in…. the title of the item is already in the database and the permalink for the item is already in the database.

    One thing to first do is make sure you have your trash emptied since when items are in the trash, wordpress keeps them in the database.

    Second, if you have access to the database, confirm that the items are not there.

    Finally, look at the feed items and confirm that all have unique titles and unique permalinks.

    Only have this sort of investigation is it possible there is a bug, but I haven’t found one example yet from users where the above didn’t reveal a problem with either the feed, etc.

    Let me know what you find.


    Thank you so much for the reply.

    I checked the trash and it wasn’t empty but none of these articles were there. I emptied the other articles (all handwritten) from the trash.

    I went into the database and queried all posts where post_title LIKE “%Carrie%” as I should have 4 articles with Carrie in the title, Carrie (1976), The Rage: Carrie 2, Carrie (2002) and Carrie (2013) (all defined in the RSS). Only Carrie (1976) appeared in the database.

    Finally, all the titles are unique (though some only differ by parenthetical notation like Carrie(2002) and Carrie (2013) but it’s odd that The Rage: Carrie 2 is also missing…they all have a common word but no common title, and several with the word “Psycho” come in just fine).

    For Permalinks, the RSS feed does not have Permalink defined (none of the RSS feeds do), they have GUID and Enclosure links. This is working for all the other posts however, just not for some in NPP.xml and none in BN.xml

    I went ahead and deleted all posts made by the plug-in and then changed my settings to 20 posts per feed, 300 post entries per fetch, and had an identical import. No Carries other than 1976, nothing from BN.xml.

    Thanks for any other advice you can offer, it’s really appreciated.

    Oh, you mentioned Permalinks… the XML files, none of them, have PermaLink fields. We have GUID and Enclosure, the Enclosure is the URL and your plug-in is successfully integrating it in the post as a hyperlink, exactly as I’d like.

    But if you mean Permalink in the XML, none of them have it. If you mean Permalink in WOrdpress, I did not see where I could query that in the database.

    Allen, I thought I’d post again…still having the issue with the BN.xml not being seen at all. I had hoped that with the initial import complete maybe it would start picking it up as I only post at most twice per day to these RSS feeds and have the plugin set to bring up to 300 records, but while the other 3 feeds are (mostly) working (still not sure why some of the NPP.xml shows didn’t appear) BN.xml isn’t working at all.

    Thanks for any help or advice you can give,

    One last interesting bit of information. I just did the Export RSS in the plug-in, and the shows from BN.xml are there.

    But it’s not showing up as an article in WordPress.

    Plugin Author Allen


    then i can only assume you don’t have the feed to post admin set up correctly…post a screen shot of that page here.

    Thank you again for the reply!

    I have taken screenshots of the Feed to Post Admin as well as Categories, since I have those implemented.

    Please let me know if you see anything I have set up wrong; as all 4 feeds seem identical to me I can’t imagine what would be preventing some posts.

    Plugin Author Allen


    hmm..nothing seems amiss here…..are you sure the cron scheduler is working?

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