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    Got approved yesterday to publish to Apple News. Went today to bulk publish all my old articles. They all said ‘live.’ After several hours, the articles still did not show on my channel page. In retrospect, I think the issue is I didn’t have them tagged for the main page, instead as a standalone article.

    However, my new issue is that before I realized that, I deleted all of the articles from’s News Publisher page. But in WordPress, all articles still show as live. If I click delete, it gives me confirmation, but the article still shows as live. I’m guessing this is because I deleted them on iCloud instead of the plugin.

    Regardless, my issue is that all of my site’s articles show as “live” on WordPress, but they are not on my News Channel, and I am unable to delete or publish them. I tried removing and re-installing the plugin, but that did not work.

    Any tips would be appreciated.

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    I wish I had researched more before I got everything all FUBAR, but here’s an update:

    I thought changing the API key would let me re-publish everything, but no dice. The good news is any articles I post going forward sync just fine. Just did a test post and it synced perfectly.

    My issue is all the articles I did before I got approved on News (roughly 15 or so) are in the dark. Now that I changed the API key, all of those articles show SYNC STATUS as PUBLISHED, but APPLE NEWS STATUS is: NOT_FOUND (keyPath articleId).

    So, lesson learned: do not delete these articles from iCloud. That was a dumb move on my part and I’m kicking myself now. If I can’t get those posted, it isn’t the worst thing in the world. I just wanted a channel full of articles before sending the link out, but it is what it is.

    But… is there a way to get those old articles published? To summarize everything from the beginning:

    * deleted the articles from’s News Publisher page
    * they still showed as PUBLISHED, LIVE on the plugin page on WordPress
    * tried to delete and publish from the plugin page on WordPress. Would get a message that it was ‘deleted’ or ‘published’ ok, but neither the APPLE NEWS STATUS nor SYNC STATUS would ever change
    * went to to get a new API key. Entered this info into the plugin settings
    * new articles now post and sync fine
    * the old articles I deleted (first asterik) now show a SYNC STATUS of published but an APPLE NEWS STATUS of NOT_FOUND (keyPath articleId)
    * Is there anything I can do to clear up this mess so that I can publish my old articles to Apple News?

    Thanks for you patience and support.

    Plugin Author Bradford Campeau-Laurion


    If you manually delete any post meta values whose keys start with apple_news_ for those posts, they should reset and you can republish them.

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    Appreciate the quick reply. I’m a relatively novice user, so I wasn’t sure where to go to do this. I Googled, which led me to go to the post itself in WordPress and click on the Text editor as opposed to Visual editor. I checked a few posts and I don’t see anything with apple_news_ as suggested above. If I’m not looking in the correct spot, could you point me in the right direction?

    Plugin Author Bradford Campeau-Laurion


    If you don’t know how to edit your database directly, try searching the plugins repository for a post meta manager plugin that can help you with this.

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    Fixed the issue without a plugin. In the post itself, go to screen options and make sure custom is checked. Delete all the apple tags individually and click update. Then go back to the articles section of the plugin and delete the articles. Then I was able to re-publish no problem. Appreciate all the help. Thanks!

    I’m encountering the same issue, except that going in and deleting all the Apple post tags, then deleting the articles from the plugin doesn’t work either.

    I’ve tried going in and Replacing the API Key from iCloud and replaced it in the plugin settings, but no luck.

    Now I’m getting one of two errors for all my posts with the status LIVE, N/A, NOT_FOUND (keyPath articleId):


    These errors make sense because I deleted all the meta tags for apple. I’m wondering is there a way to generate new metatags like apple_news_api_share_url and apple_news_api_id?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I feel like I’m spinning my wheels here.

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