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  • Hi I’ve been using wordpress for a while now and I would like a way to allow my friends to post an article on my blog. I’m looking for a hack that basically requires my approval before the article becomes public. The perfect solution would be something that says anyone below level 5 has their post saved as private and only myself or someone level 6+ can approve the post.
    Does something like this exist? I’ve been looking everywhere and can only find stuff for comment moderation.

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  • From what I’ve seen of 1.3, newly registered users (i.e. level 0) can be allowed to submit drafts, and level 1 users should only be able to post to draft or private. You might want to check it out in the nightlies:

    Do not use nightlies on a production blog.
    Read the sticky post in Troubleshooting !

    I’m sorry for my bed English, but I have small question.
    I ‘ve using wordpress a few months.
    Now I would like post some article in my blog with level access. Look, some article is can to see blog-users with level access high 5 (for example).
    If level access user on blog higher level article, user can see this article.
    How can I it in WordPress?

    You need a View Level plugin ?

    Thank you!
    Will look this plugin.
    Quite possible, it’s that i need. 🙂

    Don’t forget you can also set a post as ‘private’ which might be easier. The option is available when you create a post.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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