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  • Back in August last year I’ve published an article on my blog about quite a controversial book published in Germany about some woman claiming to have been forced to be a child soldier in Eritrea, which is being denied by lots of contempories who claim that the camp the woman was in as a child has not been a camp for child soldiers but a regular school. Some sources claim that the eritrean secret service is not interested in having this story spreaded. I am just referring to both views trying to be as objective as possible which is not too hard because I am not involved.
    Now to my concern. I’ve been told by people who clicked on links to this article or found it in search engines that either my site opens with a dead link (the site is shown correctly but there is only the not linked headline of the article without any text) or (it obviously depends on how they reach the article) the preview is shown but when clicking on “continue” there is nothing been shown. Also yesterday the complete text disapeared from the editor when I tried to edit it.
    Fortunately I got a backup so I just need to copy and paste it back into the editor, BUT, there is one other curious thing. Sometimes, when the text is not shown to the public but still in the editor I change a tiny thing like adding a break and the text will be shown to the public again including the needless break. I might add that the book I was talking about before has been picturized and the movie is going to receive its premiere in mid february which is very much disliked by some people. I got the impression that there is some relation between that fact and the problem with my article. Is that technically possible? How could one find out if somebody is manipulating or hacking my blog? I’d be happy if it wasn’t that serious but just some technical problem. But this problem never appeared with any other article, that’s what’s perplexing me. At the moment it seems to work again with the needless break on the very bottom of the article. This is the start page of my blog and this the direct link to the article I am talking about. I would really appreciate any assistance with this problem which seems pretty eerie to me.
    Thanks a lot in advance,

    P.S.: It’s probably interesting that this article didn’t show up in search results at all for quite a time even if entering the complete title of it.

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  • If you suspect hackery, check with your web host. they are always interested in security breaches and will be able to determine from your logs if there has been any such actiity and where it originated.

    Thanks for the hint, I just send my concern to the abuse department of my web host.
    Just out of curiousity, does my case sound somehow familiar to you? Or is this a rather unusual behavior of a wordpress article? I mean, does some other possible reason for my problem occurs to you? Could there be a less dramatic reason than hacking?

    Make sure as well, that your log-in password is not easy to guess, and change it. It might help deter who ever has been doing this.

    I did take care of that already. Thanks anyway. But now since you’ve recommanded it, I created an even more complicated one. Let’s hope that it helps. The funny thing is that I created a completely new post as well with new ID, new date and pasted the slightly changed content of the same article into the new one but it won’t be shown. Just as if someone was able to filter articles that contain special keywords. Even more strange is as I said before, when inserting a break somewhere it works again.

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