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  • Dear all (and Esmi, if you’re there)
    2.5 years ago I built a WP website for the company to replace the Joomla train wreck that the previous ICT bloke had forced on them. It has grown into a moderately well-loved monster, ongoing. The site has always been a ‘no comments, no contributors’ sort of site, because thats what they asked for. But now …
    ‘Can we have a members only area?’ – yes, there are ways to do this
    ‘Can the members only area refer to an existing database elsewhere to check username and password, so only members get in?’ – erm … and with a gasp and a wheeze, my modest expertise chugs to a halt, and answers have I none. Has this sort of thing reared its head over anyone else’s WP, and if so, is it hard, very hard or bank loan?
    All help welcomed …

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  • Well, the good thing is that they haven’t already got a million subscribers in WordPress that they don’t want to allow to access the members-only area, I guess.

    It looks like there is/was a plugin for this with somewhat limited password-hashing options, but it appears it is no longer in active development, and from reading the info on it, it looks like there are some significant drawbacks.

    If you could use the “subscriber” role in WordPress to be the “member” role for page access, and you used a plugin like Member Access to control access to the content, how about importing the users from the external database into WordPress as subscribers?

    You don’t say if the external database is static, or if it is actively having new records (users) added to it. That will make a difference.

    Hello linux4me2, and thanks.
    The database is not static, unfortunately – new members all the time both via us and the web, about 10-15 a day. I like your idea about subscriber/member access roles, so there may be a way to import the new members once a day – it wouldn’t be the only thing we do manually on a daily and weekly basis.
    Thanks again …

    Oh, don’t do the import manually!

    You can write a PHP script to do the import and run it via a cron job on the server once a day or at whatever frequency you like.

    You can write a PHP script to do the import and run it via a cron job on the server

    Indeed I could, if I knew what any of this meant. I shall have to learn it before I attempt it 🙂
    Thanks again for your help – invaluable! Merry Christmas.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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