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  • Sigh.

    New to WordPress, new to code.

    All I want is a theme that will allow me…

    Pulldown menus that show child and grandchild levels.

    The option to use Full Width pages without the sidebar.

    A background image that can fill the entire space, with a posting area that can be adjusted to semi-transparent.

    A static front page that will let me have multiple content columns that I can use to link to the blog page, or static pages.

    Widget-friendly header, footer and sidebar.


    I find themes that allow me to tell a page to not have the side bar, in the Page editing page (Mag-Magazine). BUT their customizable menus will only show 1 level, without any children or grand children showing.

    And in the case of Max-Magazine, there is no code in any php that resembles the code I find in forums saying how to extend the depth of menus beyond 1 level.

    I find themes that automatically show child pages in the pulldown menus (Ground Floor, others,) BUT they do not allow me to remove the side bar from static pages.

    AND after spending hours learning how to find my way to em>page.php, saving it as a different name to make a different choice other than page.php, removing the code for the side bar, the them does not allow me anywhere to make that choice when making a new page.

    I do not want to do this for one page, but ALL pages, except for a few that will have the sidebar, like the actual “blog”.

    WordPress using friends made me think my sites would be up in days, it is now two months later and nope. I continue to create content with no place to put it. I am learning a lot. But not how to have BOTH menus that show children AND pages with static text articles that easily show in full width.

    The theme I WANT to use is Ground Floor, which comes with three-level menus, aesthetics I wish to emulate, but will not offer pages without the sidebar. But I am open to other options.


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