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  • It looks like the requests ARE coming through, they’re just not noting that on the website.

    This is most likely due to a Javascript conflict with either your current WordPress theme or one of the other plugins you are using – see

    Switch to a WordPress default theme and see if the problem goes away. If it does, you’ve most likely got a Javascript conflict with your current WordPress theme.

    I’ve got the same problem since a couple of days. It’s not the theme and i also tested with all plugins disabled. Anyone knows what the solution is?

    I’ve completely disabled every other plugin and switched to three of the different default themes (Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, and Twenty Twelve) … none of which seemed to have correct the problem.

    Could this be an issue with a recent plugin update conflicting with the WP version?

    Could this be an issue with a recent plugin update conflicting with the
    WP version

    Do you have the latest version of both WordPress and Contact Form 7?

    Contact Form 7 is working just fine for me in numerous WordPress 3.5.1 sites in multiple browsers.

    Tested your form – definately looks like Javascript confict.

    Might also be due to an issue with any of the new HTML5 elements you are using in your code or a small error in your code.

    I fixed it on my website!

    The problem was the debug mode in W3TC. Switched it off and it works again.

    I ran my code through a validator and it all appears correct. I actually just played around with the code for a few hours and narrowed down the problem to the “wp_head()” call. Whenever I include this code snipit, the contact form does NOT work. When I remove it, the form works again (with the site template intact).

    Thus this made it a call to the wp_head. Assuming only WP plugins are making these calls, I went ahead and removed ALL the plugins from the site with the exception of the contact form.

    Still not working.

    Anyone know of a way to find out what the wp_head is calling?

    Finally fixed it!

    It looks like when I removed the “WP SUPER CACHE” plugin a few weeks ago, it didn’t completely remove itself and was throwing an error. I turned on debugging mode and was able to find the error.

    For those who run into this problem in the future, please use these steps if you’ve ever had WP SUPER CACHE installed…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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