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  • Hi,
    I’ve tried reinstalling this friend-based chatbar after redesigning the layout of my WordPress/Buddypress installation (which I regrettably spent 2 weeks working on). Whatever it is about this theme, the chatbar is unable to display.
    I’ve pretty much confirmed my suspicion that this is a theme problem on this support thread on Arrowchat’s support forum:

    I’d like to see what others or the theme creators have to say before I fork over for a month of technical support just to ask this question. I’m broke as it is. I’m just trying to serve my community, this isn’t a commercial venture, so ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

    The software requires that I put a CSS script link in the header section and a javascript code in the bottom of the page. This is why I suspect Custom Community itself is blocking it.

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  • hi Number_6

    1.) do you have a link to your site?? would help a lot to see if it is a CSS or script problem.

    2.) try to add the script in the options for this:
    go to THEME SETTINGS -> GENERAL -> Header script and Footer script.. 😉

    does it help? konrad

    P.S. the forums link you posted is just for members..


    Thanks for the help. is the website.

    I’ve added the snippets via the theme settings, which didn’t change anything, sadly.
    Just to make sure: does the Footer Script field insert the script BEFORE the <body> tag closes? And does the Head Script field insert the script BEFORE the <head> tag closes?

    FYI, I’ve taken a the troubleshooting step of clearing my cache. I’m aware that can cause a problem.
    I’m using W3 Total Cache plugin – is it possible that might be delaying the chatbar’s visibility?

    Thanks again

    yes please deactivate the total cache plugin when working on the site!

    the scripts are inserted in that places yes..

    hope the plugin deactivating thing helps,

    It didn’t 🙁

    hmm does it work with the buddypress default theme??

    aww crap. It doesn’t. Arrowchat general support told me it wasn’t a problem with Arrowchat itself, so I should buy tech support or f’ off, and I believed them.

    This is just great. I pay $100 and change for something and I get 101 problems. Last time I’m paying for anything intangible online ever again. Sadly that includes Custom Community Pro 🙁 Sick of this shit.

    if Arrowchat doesn’t work with bp default theme they should check and fix it..
    hope you get everything up and running soon!

    Number_6: did you ever get a solution? I’m thinking about using Arrowchat on my BuddyPress install, but I want to make sure it works.

    Arrowchat works, it just doesn’t work on my installation for some reason.
    When you buy an Arrowchat license you have unlimited technical support tickets for 3 months, so the technical team will make sure it’s all booted up for you. They’ll even fix any errors themselves directly via FTP.

    The reason I’m having trouble is that I rebuilt my site and my technical support ran out. You can only buy tech support in 3, 6, and 12 month extensions, which costs $22 ($10 “Late Extension Fee”).

    I’d say you’ll be happy with Arrowchat. They’ll keep updating your software and helping you out as long as you keep throwing money at them. Just be warned that I’m only suggesting Arrowchat because they’re the only game in town except CometChat (which I’ve no experience of).

    Another alternative I suggest is taking your $70 (and maybe teaming up with me and doubling your budget) and get a developer to make a decent program. Maybe they can work off some of the free (but crap) Friend chat bars out there to cut down on costs.

    Good luck… because you’ll need it.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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