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  • Does your first category have posts in it? The theme does not display categories with no posts in the navigation bar, it doesn’t show the Uncategorized category too.

    ya i have post something on my first category (sub in first).

    where to edit to code?

    This is fixed in the trunk and will be available in the next update. In the meantime you can go to header.php and remove exclude=1 at about line 86.

    ya it fixed the problem. but the second problem is widgets. i try to put few widgets to primary sidebat but it doesn’t display correctly. try to view my blog

    Any one can help me how to slove the problem?

    downloaded the lastest version 1.3.3 but nothing change with my current problem.

    I know I’m the last person to know but I have to ask anyway…someone plz tell me how to put up my images to my site. I would appreciate it.
    Plz forgive my newbieness to this theme and wordpress in general.

    here is my site so far:



    Mr. zyml;

    How do add an image, and or logo in the header(anything but that black background and blog name)?
    add code/link on header.php?, or is there a certain image inside the themes image root folder?, or?
    I have checked every were, even the Arras Theme Forum and nothing.

    *If is not possible to change image, could you let me know so i could stop pursuing the issue and move on to another theme.


    Hi scorpionlgr

    I got an image in the header by editing the default.css file in the /arras-theme/css/styles/ directory. Here’s my code – edit to suite your needs 🙂

    /* header */
    { background: #1e1b1a url('../../images/techblue/header-logo.png')
    no-repeat 50% 50%; border-bottom: 2px solid #383332; padding: 0 0
    15px 0; height:235px; }

    I uploaded the image to use in the header to the techblue folder to keep it all together.
    I increased the height of the header to fit my image.

    Also, to get the blog title and sub-title out of the way, I applied the following css changes:

    /* header */
    .blog-name				{ text-indent:-999em;}
    .blog-name a:link, .blog-name a:visited	{ text-indent:-999em;}
    .blog-description		        { text-indent:-999em;}

    Hope that helps!

    what are, stickied posts?


    Does anyone know how I can put pics into my slideshow header on the Arras Theme. I have read previous post and I don’t understand all that CSS. So I kind of need a ” Arras Theme for Dummies” type of style explanation. I want to put pics in the sub categories so it shows on the front pages, as well as in my slide show. Is anyone able to help me. Please respond here. Or email me at

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Can anyone tell me which box on the blog matches the “Primary Sidebar,” and which part of the blog matches “Secondary Sidebar,” etc.?

    I’m brand new to and really want the magazine layout of Arras. However, I can’t get the theme to look normal yet. Problem is I can’t find a key or description explaining all the different “sidebar” areas.

    As a result, it seems I’m sticking widgets in sidebars that are way to wide. My blog is sprawling with a bottom scroll that resembles a mile-wide spreadsheet! ;-o ——

    Can’t find documentation on the Arras theme forum… Anyone – please tell me where to read what the different sections of Arras correspond to in the widget setup area.

    Is there any way to make the “thumb” show up from the top of the image instead of being centered in the slideshow?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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