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  • Dear WP Bannerize Support,
    it’s no more possible to sort banners in the overview. Everytime I’m trying to sort, the banner list expands downwards (very long), and I also cannot catch the banners to shift them to another place in the list.
    I’m not sure, but I think the problem existis since I have updated WP to the newest version.
    Is it possible to arrange the Banner list in another way?
    Thanks for helping
    WP-Version: 3.6 . Windows PC with Firefox (I also doesn’t work with IE)
    Best regards

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  • Hi,

    I am experiencing the same problem since updating to 3.6. A quick fix would be greatly appreciated!

    @raumjournalismus: If you can access the database directly (and you know what you’re doing there!), you can use this workaround I figured out: Open the table wp_bannerize and use the following SQL to show all active posts (AND ‘group’ = ‘…’ can be omitted if you do not use any groups):

    SELECT *
    FROM wp_bannerize
    WHERE enabled = 1 AND trash = 0 AND group = ‘veranstaltungen’
    ORDER BY sorter

    The value in the sorter column tells bannerize where to show the banner, so if you change this number, you can rearrange the order. Identical numbers are permitted, so thankfully you don’t have to change the numeration.

    This is a time-consuming way to do it, but it works for me. Very much hoping for an update, though…

    Again: Only try this if you know your way around MySQL, or you can easily destroy your database. There is no undo-button 😉

    Best regards


    Hi Martin,

    thanks for telling me the workaround. But: I’m not an IT-specialist, although I’m also not a bloody beginner. So if someone tells me detailled what to do, I can do it.

    But as you say: It would better, if we didn’t have to change to programming each time we want to change the order of the banners. Otherwise I would have to look for another plugin to manage banners (which I wouldn’t want to).

    Best regards

    Hi gfazioli,

    it seems that the “old” version of WP Bannerize will no more be supported, since wpxtreme is available.
    So, gfazioli, please tell me this: If I install the new wpxtreme (and then the new Bannerize), will it work with the latest version of WP, and will the new plugin take all the data (-> banners) from the old versions database?

    Thanks a lot for answering?
    Best regards

    No, raumjournalismus. The new Bannerize does not share with old plugin. Just tried it.

    Dammit. This sucks.

    fsimmons, I already changed from WP-Bannerize to Bannerize – and used this to clean my Banner folders a little bit 😉 Although it was much work to copy all the data into the new one. You’re right: That was no good work! Hopefully I won’t have to make no changes in the future anymore and Bannerize works now!
    Best 🙂

    Just realized Bannerize doesnt have impressions or clicks!! Yikes.

    I am facing the same problem trying to reorder my banners.. I would suggest to mark this plugin as incompatible with wp 3.6.

    I am facing the same problem trying to reorder my banners.. I would suggest to mark this plugin as incompatible with wp 3.6 and 3.6.1 .

    I am facing the same problem trying to reorder my banners.. I would suggest to mark this plugin as incompatible with wp 3.6 and 3.6.1 .

    Arranging banners worked before installing the new update on my website and Blog. I can install a new banner but cannot drag it to where I want it placed. When I try to move the banner down, for example, all the banners below it disappear until I reboot.

    I have put together a quick fix for desperate developers here: Know that it involves modifying the core plugin files. Refer to the Readme file included.

    USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, BACK UP YOUR FILES & DATABASE. I do not advocate modifying core plugin files unless it is an emergency.

    Thank you!

    Your fix worked for me.
    I am thinking about making a fork, since the development of this plugin is stopped.
    Would be great if there where co-authors 🙂

    @thomasdk81 If you do make a fork, please post a link the repo here.

    I’m running a template from TemplateMonster which is VERY finicky. I cannot use the new wp-bannerize and it puts banners in odd places.

    Where can I download the old version? I’m up against a wall here with my client and I’m trying to come up with a fast solution because the job was underbudget to start with and now it needs to be revisited after everything was working :/

    I don’t care that it’s not supported anymore, I just want a functional site!

    Thank you!

    @gammaworld1: The current version of wp_bannerize (3.1.6) actually works for me. Although the author states that the plugin is no longer updated he implemented a fix for the problem a few months back. Maybe you have an older version installed?

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