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  • I am working on a site that sells stamps and on the product page the client wants the stamps to be arrainged alphabetically and by number. So 1001 Afganistan, 1002 Afghanistan, 1001 Belgium, 1002 Belgium, etc. Right now it looks like they are just hard coded in the HTML to the positions the are in. He wants to be able to 1) Get them all in the right order, and 2) Be able to add new stamps and have the automatically display in the right order.

    What are your suggestions for how to make that happen? Is there a plugin available that will sort items on a page in that way? Or would I need to write a program in JavaScript or something like that?

    I’m a pretty new developer, so hopefully I am asking the right question. If I am wway off track, let me know so I can clarify or something.

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