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    After upgrading to wordpress 3.5, the “add media” button does nothing if the arjuna x theme is active.

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  • Did U make any changes to theme itself?

    nope – the theme is exactly as standard! I have done many WordPress upgrades over the last couple of years… possibly starting at wordpress 2.8 or 2.6 maybe… does this mean I could have files lying around that are never deleted as part of the upgrade process which could then be causing effects?

    The thing is… if I switch to another theme, everything works fine. It’s just Arjuna X stopping breaking things.

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    I’ve switched to a different theme by now.

    I am looking for a new theme too, but I’m struggling to find one similar to this and as “professional” looking…!

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    I’m using sundance now, doesn’t look exactly like arjuna-x but has the same general feel to it, and it’s nice and responsive even on small screens such as smartphones

    it is nice and responsive, but nowhere near as customizable as Arjuna X, so I’m gonna have to stick to Arjuna X for the time being! I do hope SRS Solutions find and fix the problems we’re all having!

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    well i never used that many of the customizations… so i’m ok with sundance now.

    It’s a shame that the developer seems to have abandoned support for Arjuna-X. I’ve tried plenty of other themes, and none are satisfactory, with always one or two things that I don’t like.
    It’s SO frustrating, because I love this theme.
    I have to activate the Twenty Twelve theme, add my posts, then re-activate Arjuna-X.
    I hope a solution can be found soon.

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    i agree! Arjuna X is fantastic – it just needs picking back up by the developers and fixing! I do hope they take it on board…

    I have also tried several alternatives, and none quite fit my needs… still searching (and hoping!)

    Wait. I followed EvilDollaR’s suggestion(I added an ‘old-‘ prefix to the jquery-ui-1.8.10.custom.min.js file, in case I needed it), and I now have full editing functionality back!

    Try it!

    i tried it before and have just tried it again. I have also cleared my cache and tried a new browser and still doesn’t work for me.

    If I change theme, everything does work again though!

    I wonder why this method works for some people… but I also wonder what it breaks…

    @bergerfans and @evildollar
    I did the same and I now have full editing functionality back!
    (I added an ‘old-‘ prefix to the jquery-ui-1.8.10.custom.min.js file, in case I needed it)


    I encountered this same bug with an unrelated plugin. The problem is an incompatibility between the newer version of jQuery (updated with wordpress 3.5) and this old version of jQuery UI included in your theme (1.8.10)

    By removing jQuery UI altogether (which is what you guys are discussing above), you might be breaking a part of the theme in the admin. Just update the version of jQuery UI to the most recent (1.9.2 as of this post) and the problem should be fixed 🙂

    Has anyone looked into the theme to find out what jquery-ui-1.8.10.custom.min.js is actually there for? (i.e. what is breaks by renaming it)?

    Hi, I’m also a user of Arjuna X and having some problems. Some I solved< like editing HTML and adding posts. But my widgets are stuck, they can’t be moved nor can I add a new widget.

    Has anyone of you having this problem?

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